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There's change ahead for you! Using the mind-body connection we all have the power to heal ourselves to live richer, healthier, and more joyous lives.

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I am Penny Croal, your mind-body connection coach

Change Ahead is based on the belief that health is a choice. Will you choose to embrace your life?

Change Ahead is your partner in radical wellness, walking the path with you to radiant health. Be STILL. Be present for a moment. Do you wonder what would happen if you were diagnosed with a serious dis-ease? Do you yearn to help yourself and others achieve ultimate health and wellness? Are you seeking a partner to teach you how to take responsibility of your own health and help others care for their own? Through modalities such as EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, NLP and META Consciousness™, Penny Croal and her team of specialists are your passionate collaborators and guides. If you’re a new or current practitioner, or on your own journey to health, Change Ahead welcomes you!

Penny Croal

How Change Ahead Can Help

Penny Croal offers workshops and support in META Consciousness™, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Matrix Reimprinting, Swap Shop Groups, Enriching Practitioner Skills and more! These powerful workshops merge Penny’s passion with yours to inform and empower. Be sure to bring your courage, your soul’s song, and your love of laughter. Penny also offers personal consultations to help reveal which modality fits your needs and desires. More specifically to team you up with the correct practitioner for you.

“Your ability to quickly get right to the heart of the matter has helped me to fully recover after a long, protracted illness that I thought would never go away.”

Janette P.

Best EFT training course coach

Courses & Coaching

Get started now with insights and strategies from Penny Croal.

Meet Penny Croal- From Her Journey of Healing to Coaching Thousands of People

Schedule Free 20 Minute 1-to-1

Each swap shop is unique. Penny’s creativity and enthusiasm contribute to very ‘tasty’ regular events. Each swap shop gathers different people, topics, ideas … just like ingredients, flavours, colours in a recipe!You are guarantied to leave the event with some news tips and resources up your sleeves, feeling inspired, fulfilled and buzzing, just like sampling a new delicious dish each time!

Matilde Barbier

Penny is a wealth of knowledge in the field of alternative health. She is also in my opinion one of the leading thinkers in how future medicine will evolve. I am privileged to know her personally and have in the past received coaching and therapy from her which has transformed my own personal health, business and life.

Daniel Hill Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master, Advanced EFT Prac & Life Coach

After the second session with Penny, who I found very relaxed to be with, as she is professional, non judgemental, and fun, using EFT she managed to aid me in removing my cat allergy. Then on the third session once again using EFT she managed to find the core root problem of my shell fish allergy which related to my gran dying. Bizarre! Wow this is powerful and fast stuff. Thank you, Penny, for helping me.

MC Assistant Manager

Free Self-Study

Here are our free self-study programmes done online at your own pace.

Learn tapping to remain calm and focus our energies on what is what in our lives no matter what goes on in the world.

Learn an intro to tapping, how to deal with the shock of diagnosis, how to change our beliefs about disease, and the process.

A 21-day tap-along journey to clear blocks and dissolve the morphic resonance regarding our eating habits and relationship with food/body.

Learn how to change your mindset and emotional approach to your pain – finally set yourself free to live a happy, non-limiting life.
Learn a powerful, yet very easy, meditation to open your heart and fill it with joy, happiness and compassion.

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Paid Self Study

Here are our premium programmes that are completed online at your own pace.

A 12 webinar series of interviews with experienced practitioners to help de-mystify the ethics and challenges that may arise.

During this workshop, you will learn the underlying cause of all diseases and journey to self-healing.

Zoom Live Trainings

Our Zoom Lives are trainings taught live virtually.

Remove your blocks to success, self-limiting beliefs, and negative emotions; fully reprogramme your mind and body.

This 12-week ground-breaking Coaching Certification Training is the foundation to becoming a META-Cologist Professional.

A fundamental to the provision of safe, ethical & competent as professional practitioners – for your benefit and your client’s.

FREE!  Every two months join Penny Croal for a live Q&A – the best way to learn is to ask questions together.


 Continue to grow your skills, tools, confidence and your business, to help you and your clients more.


Learn the underlying cause of all diseases and journey to self healing.

In-Person Trainings

Clear limiting beliefs and create empowering beliefs.  For your past, present and future.

The fundamental view of Vedic Art is that we all have great creative power and knowledge within ourselves from birth.

Remove your blocks to success, self-limiting beliefs, and negative emotions; fully reprogramme your mind and body.

Become an EFTi Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner to train and teach others about the Emotional Freedom Technique.

"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself."


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