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EFT level 1,2,3

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Meta Consciousness 12 Month Programme

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Mentoring 6 Week Programme

The power of 8

As practitioners we are on a path where we are supporting so many, and yet we choose to walk this journey on our own.

Over 6 group sessions Penny holds the space as supervisor and mentor to invite us to share and learn from each other and understand the powerful intention of holding group sessions.

Lynne McTaggart researched this for many years and found the optimal number in a group was 8 and the greatest untold truth of all is that group intention has a mirror effect, not only affecting the recipient but also reflecting back on the senders.

By literally tapping into this and discussing real live case studies, demonstrations in a safe supported place. Supervision/Mentoring is a valuable way of “checking in” with a more experienced practitioners thus supporting and ensuring that we can stay grounded, maintain professional and ethical boundaries, develop and expand our knowledge, both theoretically and practically, as well as focus on self-care to avoid “burnout”. Supervision/Mentoring is fundamental to the provision of safe, ethical and competent as professional practitioners benefitting both you and your clients.


Q&A Meta Consciousness Bi monthly

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