Nicky Forbes and Penny Croal invite you to a complimentary workshop

Times of uncertainty are often windows of opportunity

Nicky and Penny will be inviting you to refocus and tap along in these uncertain choppy waters to assist us to remain calm, focus our energies on what is what in our lives. Preparation and planning is critical at this moment, however we can have fun and join together

This 3 hour workshop we will be focusing on tapping into the following

1. Creating a recipe (tapping without the face)
2. Evaluating where we are and releasing the fizz
3. Aligning our Values
4. Tapping into our Future Matrix
5. Raising compassion and the next steps to building community

As this is an impromptu workshop, please bring your own snacks, plenty of water and hot drinks for yourself, and make sure that you have pens and paper to work with, this is a joint effort and will be fun and easy