Penny Croal is a master Mind Body Connection Coach who has helped thousands live richer, healthier, and more joyous lives - all through the power of self-healing.

I am Penny Croal, Mind-Body Connection Coach

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You’ve arrived here at Change Ahead because you’re seeking exactly that —change.


Maybe you want to heal your body, or heal your mind, find spiritual peace, expand abundance or simply take joyful ownership of your whole life.You already understand that the mind-body connection holds the key to making all this happen, that symptom-led western medicine does not hold all the answers.


But so far nothing you’ve tried has fully unlocked the door. You’ve had glimpses of how it could be, the door has opened ajar but before you could make any real headway it’s slammed shut again with your hopes dashed at every step.


Then someone said: ‘Penny Croal. Try Penny Croal.’ Whatever led you to Change Ahead, I can —if you so wish —empower you to start and complete your personal journey to peace and healing. Help you unlock that door and keep it open.

Penny Croal’s Journey

Change Ahead is the result of Penny Croal’s fifteen years plus journey of discovery, self-healing, and compassion. After forays into several successful careers and companies, today Penny offers her wisdom and pathos in a range of disciplines that, together, embody her deeply held belief in the mind-body connection. As a results-oriented practitioner, Penny Croal only offers modalities that have proven themselves to her and speak through their outcomes.

Best EFT trainer coach

Empowered by her own health crises…

…Penny discovered the powerful connection between mind and body over 10 years ago and has been writing, teaching, and serving clients with this knowledge ever since. Using techniques that led to her own healing after Bell’s Palsy and a nervous breakdown, Penny stepped into her own power, illuminating a richer, healthier, and more joyous life. This awakening of joy from within is what drives Penny’s practice and the song of her soul.

Penny Croal is a multi-disciplined practitioner and trainer, who passionately believes in the mind-body connection. Her own journey and her work with clients has led her to the conclusion that “we are what we believe and our health, along with the choices we make in life, correspond to our deeply held beliefs.”

Proven Techniques

Penny’s proven techniques include Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Matrix Reimprinting and Psych-K, modalities she used to heal herself of Bell’s Palsy. Now through evolution she incorporates META Consciousness™ to find the root cause of dis-ease both mental and physical and incorporates a unique experience for each individual. Penny is also a certified EFTi & EFTMRA Emotional Freedom Techniques Master Trainer, Matrix Reimprinting Master Trainer and Founder of META Consciousness™.  Creator of Playing in the Matrix with Serious Dis-ease and trains internationally. If you are interested in inviting her to train in your country or city please click here to connect with Penny by email or fill in form on website.


Penny’s work hinges on the belief that therapies must stand by their results. With each session, Penny offers her clients results-driven, proven techniques and a passionate dedication to helping people redesign their lives and be the very best they can be.

A few geeky facts about Penny…

Star sign — Taurus

Human Design Projector — 6/2 Emotional 

Enneagram — 7 with 8 wing


Clifton Strengths top five…

  1. Empathy
  2. Restorative
  3. Learner
  4. Developer
  5. Connectedness

She healed her beloved fur companion Leila after she had two near-death experiences — something that’s left several vets convinced Penny has miraculous powers!

And here’s the thing: if cats can be healed, so can you — find out more!

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      Life Coach, Private Counseling
      Laurel, MD
      Life Coach, Private Counseling
      Laurel, MD

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