Are you interested in teaching EFT and becoming a Trainer?

If teaching EFT is something you’re passionate about, I can help you gain the training/teaching experience necessary to do so. You will need to provide evidence of your past experience and training using this application form Trainer Application Form – Change Ahead


EFTMRA was set up to give a simple option for trainers who no longer want to train through the AAMET, AMT, EFTU or elsewhere. Karl Dawson has no problem with people training through the EFTMRA and other organisations as long as they fulfil the EFTMRA criteria listed below, if they certify through the EFTMRA.

The intention is to keep a harmonious relationship with the other organisations and not be in competition with them. EFTMRA is a Training Academy and not an organization or association. 


Requirements to become a new EFTMRA EFT Trainer:

• EFT Practitioner for a minimum of 3 years (at least one year at Level 3 status)
• Have worked with a minimum of 100 clients (not sessions)
• Repeated LEVEL 1 AND 2 AND 3 course as a helper with a Trainers Trainer 
• Repeated the course a further time as a Student Trainer


The one off fee to become a Trainer is £995.
In certain countries due to travel constraints I offer a concession to train in your country of residence, if you promote the workshop and we split the costs 60/40 after travel, food, venue, manuals etc with minimum 20 people.


Practitioner requirements for EFTMRA EFT Trainers:

• The basic requirements for your trainees are the 3/4 day EFT Level 2 course (no requirement to be on consecutive days) and completion of a 50 Question on-line test. With minimum 3 case studies.
• Post course requirements such as case studies, further education, supervision, mentoring, CPD etc as long as students complete the basic criteria of 3 days EFT course (Live- NO internet based EFT courses) and online test/plus case studies.


Your obligations as an EFTMRA trainer:
• Within 3 days of the course you need to submit the names and emails of your trainees to myself
• The emails of your trainees will be added to my EFTMRA newsletter which will go out on a monthly basis.
• On successful completion of the test (40/50  with the option to retake a second time if failed the first time) practitioners will receive a pdf of their full EFTMRA EFT certificate signed by myself as the head of the EFTMRA which they can print off.
• There is a one-off admin fee of $15 (US) to take the test and be issued with a certificate for English speaking students only.
• It will be the individual trainer’s responsibility to ensure they have achieved your other requirements (if any) prior to them taking the on-line test. We suggest you issue an attendance certificate at the end of your training.

NB Only those students who are on the online test database (i.e whose emails you have supplied as trainers to myself and Cheryl) will be allowed to take the test and therefore achieve full practitioner status.  (for English speaking students only).



In the UK EFTMRA worked with Holistic Insurance services who will insure you as trainers and also your trainees under the EFTMRA. The costs are as follows:

You and they will need to mention my name to get the discounts and identify yourselves as EFTMRA practitioners and trainers.
EFTMRA Practitioner £53.50  per year.
EFTMRA Trainers     £112.75  per year (includes your practitioner and trainer insurance).

In other countries, you will need to make your own arrangements for insurance.


Other points:
• If required, trainers can use KARL DAWSON OR CHANGE AHEAD power-points and manuals
• EFTMRA also has an ethics document to send to THE practitioners with the usual practitioner do’s and dont’s. 
EFTMRA trainers and their students can join the closed FB groups for the EFTMRA.
• EFTMRA EFT Trainers cannot teach EFT via online courses. Practitioners courses must be live Training.



The are no costs to your trainees for being part of the EFTMRA other than the $15 test and cert fee.
For new trainers, it will be £995 to become an EFTMRA trainer please send the following information to

How long have you been an EFT PRACTITIONER?
How long have you been a Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner?
How many clients have you used EFT with? Not sessions actual clients?
What makes you think you want to be a trainer?
What benefits can you bring to EFTMRA?