Have you been diagnosed with a serious dis-ease?
Were you provided with information and support at this time?
Were you able to process the information?
Or were you too shocked to take it all in?
How are you feeling now?

It’s very common to be dumbstruck when we receive a diagnosis. We may keep re-living the moment we were told. We may need to make decisions but just can’t think clearly.

We can often feel:
– Scared, stuck and out of control, like our lives are in the hands of the gods and/or the doctors
– Guilt, anger and/or other overwhelming emotions
– Alone

The 3 Principles of Working Through Serious Diseases is FREE and contains four recorded videos and other resources to teach you:
– How to deal with the shock of diagnosis
– How to change your beliefs about the dis-ease
– How to understand the dis-ease process.

Whether your diagnosis was a month ago or a year ago, this will help you to:
– Feel more calm and relaxed
– Feel more in control of your life and the dis-ease
– Be able to make decisions in your life
– Feel more positive

You are not alone with this! I am here to help! Download the 3 Principles of Working Through Serious Diseases now.