Tapping Scripts: Are They The Best Thing?

Tapping Scripts: Are They The Best Thing?

Even though Tapping Scripts are convenient, are they the best thing?

Tapping scripts are becoming widely known through YouTube and many books have been written on the subject. In a nutshell; a format of someone else words and projections, about an issue that the tapper repeats. Why use scripts when tapping? I have seen little use as each one of us has our own personal feelings and we can easily tap into our own thoughts. Do we actually need someone else telling us what to say or what our own feelings are?

Most of the time, the fact is that people telling us what to do or not do has disempowered us in the first place and has actually caused some of the problems in the first place.

After all, it was Albert Einstein that said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
Another peril of scripts is that we do not know who will be using them, what it will trigger in them or what is actually happening in their personal life. How substantial or massive are that person’s issues, traumas etc, we just do not know and I think it gives EFT a disservice to say “try it out, just tap”!

Not only this, scripts only scrape the surface and provide partial resolution, therefore the person can be easily retriggered as the root of the problem has not been resolved. By only scraping the surface, it could also scrape the surface just enough to bring up deep-rooted traumas, thus causing the tapper to feel even more anxious. And then of course what does the person tapping on their own do, they are in a panic and thus say ‘EFT does not work’, ‘It is dangerous,’ ‘it caused me tremendous stress’.

Yes I have heard all of these and of course those who have attended an EFT workshop or had a guided session with a professional practitioner will realize that this has nothing to do with EFT or how it was supposed to be created. Gary Craig himself has never endorsed scripts. It definitely takes away from the whole original EFT mantra of “FOR RESULTS THAT ARE TERRIFIC, BE SPECIFIC!” The whole problem was, not EFT itself, it was the mistaken way that the issue was dealt with. After all the whole beauty and simplicity of EFT is that we find what the client is feeling and what emotions and beliefs they have AND STAY OUT OF THE WAY.

So in effect if we are not advising our clients to work with practitioners then we should advise them of potential side effects…YES, I said side effects.

It is interesting that due to all the YouTube videos I have had an increase of clients with anxiety and hesitant to even try out tapping… AND then …. wondering why they are not good enough to tap on themselves… as it is not working.

So please take the time when promoting scripts to make sure that the disclaimer points out that this is a good way perhaps to experiment with light topics, although I personally have found light topics, all these small t’s go back to lifetime patterns and a deeper trauma.

So what can we do?

Well let’s go back to basics, what is energy healing all about? It is about the mind-body connection, so let us invite our clients to reconnect. What are the feelings now? What are the suds from 1-10, 10 being severe. When did this first start?

Thinking about this where do you feel it in your body now if you were to feel it? What shape colour, texture, emotion etc does this have? Tap down the suds level…

When was the first time you experienced this in your life? Sometimes asking ‘When was the first time you experienced this? Was it in this life, in the womb or a past life?’ Bingo! You have somewhere to start.

What is an even better idea, offer 20 mins of tapping with your clients so they can experience the difference in a professional safe environment guided by a practitioner Suggest that everyone has a session with an experienced practitioner. After all, would you send your friend on a RED LETTER day, driving around Silverstone in a Ferrari if they do not know how to drive?

They will probably be a little frightened and might not even do it, they might do it and crash the car, they might enjoy it, however, the probabilities are too vague for me.

Your decision, perhaps it is time that we take responsibility for our beautiful profession and take it up the ladder to that it becomes the accredited therapy that we all wish and long for. We CAN do this and raise the vibration.

With love and blessing to be the best we can…


  • Yvonne Davey-Croft

    Hi Penny, I have been using scripts on YouTube for light topics on myself with some success but really appreciate you explaining this. I will no longer recommend people check out EFT on YouTube .
    I shall be training as a practitioner myself and it has given me light on the subject of script tapping pre-training, many thanks x

  • Yvonne Davey-Croft

    Oops please edit comment “pretty training ” to “pre training” if possible

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