META Consciousness Practitioners

What is META-Health® ?

Recently, META-Health changed from being called Meta-Medicine over to Meta-Health.  META-Health is run by the IMMA International META-Medicine Association, however we are now called META-Health as we feel that to be healthy is the most important.

META-Health® is a new philosophy of health and healing founded on the bio-psycho-social connection.  It is new because it focuses on the individual’s experience of their illness and the meaning it holds for them.  This is not necessarily the same for all of us, otherwise we would all have cancer, all suffer from IBS or acne.  It is about our own perceptions and beliefs.

META-Health® is an advanced analysing system that focuses on integrative medicine, acting as a precursor to therapy whether it is of traditional, complementary or alternative origin. META-Health® is unbiased, it does not favour any set type of therapeutic intervention over another and runs alongside the medical profession in their work.

META-Health® uses 10 core principles to redefine our understanding of disease and health. Through highly advanced targeted META Questioning, META-Health® helps us understand and improve our health by pinpointing the root cause of illness, giving us a precise, empirically-proven understanding whether the health issue is cancer, heart disease, diabetes, IBS, psoriasis or simply a cold. This creates awareness of the biological, psychological and social meanings of the symptoms, which is an important step towards complete healing.

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