Happy New Year

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Happy New Year!!!

Time for a new beginning!
As from a numerology perspective 2016 = 9 and 9 is the end of a cycle so this year will be about completion and endings, perhaps break ups with friends, lovers, relationships, careers and cleaning out your own house. This could well mean having a good old clean out of your old limiting belief patterns as well.Of course what happens when we let something go, the law of attraction invites us to bring something new.
For me it was time to re brand my company and my logo, so do watch out for my new spangly glittering website with a membership area to create a community and many other new bits and pieces that could help you, your clients or perhaps loved ones.  Also, I will be offering a bursary for each workshop to those who truly deserve these beautiful tools that I work with and thank all those souls who make up the matrix of our life.  So in order to kick start this year and celebrate this new beginning, I am offering a competition on my current website which has been up and running since 2007 (Yep, even I didn’t realise that -nothing like a little synchronicity).  If you can tell me how many gorillas are hidden on the website you can win yourself:
  • a META-Health workshop valued at £2200
  • An EFT workshop valued at £345
  • A Matrix Reimprinting workshop valued at £325
  • Or a Playing in the Matrix with Serious Disease valued at £295

(prizes are non transferable, and anyone is allowed to enter so do invite your family and friends to participate)

Click on this link www.changeahead.biz and sign up to the newsletter.  Type in your first and last name in the name section and type number of gorillas in the family name section…. I promise you can unsubscribe later and I will never forward your email to anyone else.

A great tool to celebrate the closing of 2015 is to write 12 things that were a highlight of your life
Here are 6 fun facts of my last year:
  1. Travelling to South Africa to train MATRIX REIMPRINTING AND Meta Health for a charity
  2. Travelling to Hawaii to speak alongside Bernie Siegal and Gary Craig at the META-Health conference and then
  3. Train Matrix Reimprinting in Honolulu
  4. Meeting a beautiful soul and having some balanced fun with them
  5. Spending quality time with my sister
  6. Being humbled at my inspirational clients as they are healing themselves
Of course thousands of people will be trying to make new year resolutions …stop now…as resolutions mean will power and we know that this does not work.
On the 16th of January I will be sharing Soul-utions so that if you wish to make amendments and changes in your life, you can.

One of the biggest career moves that I made was deciding to study META-health which in turn has led me to speak across the world sharing the wonders of what actually is the root cause of dis-ease, this has befitted myself, my clients, and my students and I would like to invite you to join me on 23 & 24th of January and all other dates to the (left or right) in London…This is purely an analytical tool and I have not met one person yet who has not befitted from attending this workshop and if you do not think it has benefited you I will offer 100% refund as I am so confident that you will take something away with you.

For the animal lovers in the community I would like to introduce you to Marie Holiday

My lovely friend and colleagues Susie Shelmerdine has brought a new book to invite EFT Practitioners to build their business.

AND of course Sharon King fabulous book for EVERYONE

I hope to see you all at some of my events!


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