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Tap and Grow with Gary and Friends

June 18, 2016 @ 9:30 am - 5:30 pm UTC+0

Simple Tapping Techniques and Transformational Workshop that will Take your Life from Muddle and Struggle to Personal Success in Relationships, Wealth and Well-Being in the World.

With Gary Williams and Penny Croal

  • The Live Workshop Start Time – 9.30 a.m. Finish at 5.30 p.m. Saturday 18 June 2016
  • The Live Workshop Venue – Harben House Tickford Street, Newport Pagnell, MK16 9EY – United Kingdom


Why You Need to Attend this Workshop

Imagine transforming your weight easily as you build a healthier lifestyle, breaking through blocks to abundant success and creating a more blissful and loving relationship, with yourself and others!
One of the most exciting things about attending a workshop like this is that you get to meet like minded tapers and tap together increasing the power of the process into the bargain, and making your journey of transformation so much easier.
When you come to this gathering in person you will really experience the amazing healing energy of the group, sharing with other like-minded people and experiencing the transformation that is always more powerful in the room!
Just like going to university you can build lifelong friendships, meet old friends and also team up with a tapping buddy to continue your learning by taping with each other after the workshop is over.

The workshop covers three main areas:

  1. A Healthy You including an In-depth Program
  2. Building Better Relationships with both Yourself and Others
  3. Discovering your Destiny and Creating a More Successful and Vibrant Future

Discover a Healthier Slimmer You!

Many people struggle every day with weight, body and self confidence issues and if this sounds like you or you have been struggling with food cravings leaving you frustrated and overwhelmed, you are not alone, it is so common AND IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. When you attend the workshop you will discover how to lead a healthier lifestyle and build your confidence muscles ready to face the world.
So what stops you from creating a healthy more successful lifestyle and how can tapping help you feel more confident and beat off the pounds when it comes to losing weight forever?

Both Penny Croal and Gary Williams will help you discover exactly how to immediately shift a craving so it is “powerless over you” and also what you need to know to lose weight more easily and without the normal struggle.

  • Discover how stress and anxiety can produce cortisol, causing belly fat, increased food cravings and appetite, impact digestion, slow down your metabolism, decrease nutrient absorption and other negative damaging effects.
  • Learn how this simple 5-Minute Tapping Technique featured on this Transformational Workshop can reverse and overcome these effects by dealing with emotional eating and the important triggers such as the biological way our bodies protect us for survival and much more.
  • You will also learn why you have failed before when trying willpower and why willpower has been scientifically proven to fail every time! Also why just cutting out fat from your diet is A BIG FAT LIE and how you will lose pounds in the pocket but not from your body.
  • Get the facts about Diabetes and what triggers it. Why we just can’t seem to stop rushing to the fridge and we also explore one of the biggest overlooked keys to losing your excess pounds …water and water retention.

The workshop will have exercises and demonstrations on stage and help you in reshaping your language and dispelling all those long standing myths about dieting and instead help you back to health and balance in mind and a slimmer body.

Build Better Relationships with Yourself and Others

Both Valerie Lis and Gary Williams explore why relationships fail and how tapping can help. Is there a golden bullet that takes us from the hollywood period to a more positive and romantic and long term relationship that grows and is more passionate and romantic as time moves on?

One of the biggest secrets about successful relationships is not clever ways to manipulate your partner but how by working on yourself you can change your energy and your way of being in the world. This workshop will help you develop the important areas that will need to be changed to gain relationship success.

  • Learn to observe body language, posture, facial movement and build rapport with yourself and others. Discover the art of making new friends, why really listening to others is so important, knowing when to say no or releasing friends who may not have your best interests at heart.
  • Also Learn to love yourself, build self confidence and get to a place that helps you to create a world where people pay attention when you walk in the room and how people will grow to love you even more when you share love, kindness, gratitude and quality time with them.

Create a more Successful and Vibrant Future and Discover your Destiny

Both Gary Williams and Susan Kennard will take you from Stress to Success. Learn why it’s not about external factors but your own internal environment, how you perceive yourself that builds a successful life, thoughts, how you think, what you need to express emotionally, beliefs, feelings and emotional responses. Also your relationship with money and success.

  • Discover what the life you have created says about you and what areas need your conscious attention. Explore the unconscious – TBE’s – thoughts, beliefs and emotions that create behaviours and what thoughts, beliefs and emotions are blocking you from the success you deserve? Do you trust people? Do you fear being used, cheated, betrayed?
  • Take part and work with the Mirror Technique. Looking at how we validate our beliefs and make ourselves right even if that impacts us negatively. Tap and release old scripts that play in our heads, words that our family, friends or relatives may have constantly repeated to us so much so that they become an internal mantra, falsely allowing ourselves to believe we are worthless or useless. So not a question of changing your self-confidence, but changing your self belief which was just created by others.
  • Experience Borrowing Benefits and the Mirror Consent Process to work through your feelings. What comes up for you when I say ‘money and success’? Is it shame and other emotions that in a sense feel like home and are comfortable like a favourite pair of slippers that could have been thrown away years ago? When you think about debt how do you feel, being controlled, trapped in some way, ashamed, inadequate or powerless?
  • You will have an opportunity to work through all the fears and emotions around money and we will also look at working towards personal success by working smarter, learning why you need to make mistakes and saying no.
  • We also tap on our relationship with success and money, why money matters, the success principles, overcoming doubts and fears around success and money and dealing with any distractions or habits that may be holding you back. Also learn how to create a personal “Journal for Success” and the best way to seek out a “Tap and Grow Buddy” who you know will hold you accountable and help you create the life you are looking for.


  • Get free membership to the the exclusive and private Tap and Grow members group and share your thoughts and questions with our community of tappers.
  • Get a full audio recording and a written manual of the workshop material to review and make notes from once it has finished. The recording will include all the topics featured above.

Sign up today and join us on the 18th of June 2016!

Get All The Above For The Normal Fee £97

The cost is low so that those who are passionate about inner growth and transformation will be able to get a chance to enjoy all the benefits that a workshop of this kind can offer!

But we only have a limited amount of spaces so please book early so that you are not left disappointed.


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June 18, 2016
9:30 am - 5:30 pm UTC+0
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