After purchasing my EFT DVDs, I was interested to try a session myself on some of my own personal issues, I emailed Penny and am so glad I did. I currently work in Afghanistan so was worried that It would be very difficult to be able to make contact with Penny, to which it was not. My problem was at the moment, I am 200% happy with every aspect in my life, however I had skeletons in my past which I never want to surface again.

Penny was excellent, we worked on my skeletons and even though I had no way of testing the treatment I felt exhilirated after our session, I can now confirm I tap daily and am noticing some major differences in my reactions to certain circumstances, e.g. I’m away from my beautiful girlfriend, and miss her dearly, things were starting to make me jealous, silly things. My girlfriend is 200% trustable, but still I was getting negative thoughts in my mind, “Was” is the word here after I emailed Penny to inform her, she gave me (for free, thank you) some more advice, and my demons and insecurities have left me, when I do feel them coming back or creeping in; its simple I EFT them away.

As further proof, I woke up in the early hours of the morning a few nights ago with chronic ear ache in my right ear (I never get ear ache, I never get any aches to be fair ha), anyway I thought to myself…. Ok then lets see if this EFT stuff really works…… 45 seconds later I was now sitting up in bed, with NO ear ache absolutely dumbfounded…. m, my I cant wait to get home and start to introduce this wonderful tool, to All!!!