I had been going through a low time in my life. Not one thing on its own but a combination of incidents had led me to a place where my world had seriously contracted. I was lack-lustre at work, increasingly distanced from family and friends. My newish flat resembled a student flat on a bad day. My diet was appaling,sleeping erratic and my energy levels highly fluctuating. My life was becoming increasingly unmanageable.
Within a couple of weeks of a Breakthrough day with Penny my life has been transformed.

I’m enjoying work again, the bags under my eyes have disappeared, I’m eating and drinking healthily, even my flat looks great and now it’s a place I’m proud to show people round. I’ve even started regular exercise again after a 2 year break. And as a bonus my “mojo” with the opposite sex is back…for no obvious reason a pretty girl at airport check in blushed when I spoke to her.

So how did all this happen so quickly? Well the preparation for the breakthrough was very powerful. On the day itself through a combination of different techniques I felt some very powerful experiences that have helped me enormously. I felt like a blocked sink that just had the Plumber round. As a result of this breakthrough I have started a momentum of healthy living which feels natural and without conscious effort. I am making better choices in my life not because I “need” or “have” to but because I “choose” to. Without even straining I’m grabbing a few strawberries rather than demolishing a pack of chocolate digestives…wow. In a week’s time my sister is coming over with her 3 kids. It is the first time that I have allowed them to visit me in 2 years! I can’t wait.

I have tried new things and had fads before. Due to the nature and style of Penny’s work I feel the changes I’ve made are much deeper rooted. I almost feel an internal alignment taking place that feels in flow and natural.

Within 2 weeks I am still me, just a much better version who is beginning to fulfil his potential. Thank you, Penny.