How To Die – Simon’s Choice

Simons Choice photo

On a graphic documentary called “How To Die – Simon’s Choice” showed on BBC 2 on Wednesday 10th of February, we were guided along a journey of hope.
Hope in a harsh and different context, hope of DEATH.
In a world where we share on social media, our living patterns, breakfast and intimate details, this documentary took us one step further.
This documentary and Simon’s journey touched my heart massively. Death is something that in my line of work, comes to the forefront on a daily basis. Working with serious illness and the terminally ill, we work together looking at the options of conscious living and conscious dying. Which means ultimately death and the beliefs and fears of dying. What they will be missing, if it will be painful, what the regrets are and what they have not yet achieved. Coming to a place of peace and gratitude and celebration of their life. Simon’s fear was not of dying, it was of living in a body that was becoming not his own, painful and wasting away.
Yes, I will repeat, death is a choice and many people do not realise they have a choice. Many are sentenced to death by diagnosis, psychics, belief systems, iatrogenic effect, and now sadly we have Simon’s situations. A sentence of dying in the most painful way, in his own words he had already lost his power and more in this incredibly painful disease. This man has real fears about not being able to have a choice. How disempowering, that in this day and age, we are not allowed to do what we want with our bodies.
Is it really ok for us to be legally obligated to have our children vaccinated, when we do not know what is in the vaccines?
To eat food injected with GMO that may rot our intestines.
To be given no other choice but to be nuked, electrocuted and cut up in order to prolong our lives.
All in the vain so called attempt to save us, to elongate our lives. For what reason would you wish to live if you could not embrace life fully. That my dear friends is called existence, when we are forced to come back to life after our heart stops only to be kept alive on a machine. That in my personal view is torture, not the definition of living. This man was clear about his decisions and yet was not allowed to make that decision. To be able to give yourself that permission, whether we choose to live or choose to die is essential in our evolvement as a human being.
To have our freedom curtailed, to not be able to make a decision when it comes to our own bodies, then we have to question the freedom in our society. It is not thriving for life, that is imprisonment. You may choose to disagree, and that is your choice. As Choice is everything and once that is taken from us, then what have we left? Until we are in that situation, may I ask you to not judge. Only to be curious and be mindful of your conscious living on a day to day basis. It is not true that we only live once, we live every day, however we may only die once (depending on our belief system) Personally, I applaud this man and his courageousness and feel deep empathy for his loved ones. And the courage of his wife too.

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