META-Consciousness Analysis Coach Certification Training – Jan 24 – Online via Zoom

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META-Consciousness Analysis Coach Certification Training – Jan 24 – Online via Zoom

January 11, 2024 @ 3:00 pm - April 26, 2024 @ 8:00 pm GMT

£2000 – £2595

What if….

  • we lived a true authentic life without fear of illnesses, and diagnoses?
  • not every fact we were taught at school were true?
  • the connection between body and mind soul and spirit simply is a fact?
  • there was a Whole-istic way to support the body for all the deadly dis-eases that exist?
  • we were to truly understand what is happening in the process of dis-ease?
  • we were capable of healing ourselves?
  • we could find a way to live in this world and integrate every essence of being?
  • we could communicate with our own body?
  • dis-eases were the body’s expression of trauma?
  • when out body is screaming at us with a chronic or serious dis-ease we had a way to communicate?
  • and understanding these expressions could support and truly give us permission to accelerate healing? Even and especially when conventional medicine can offer no hope?

This 12 week certification process with the Founder of IMCA, Penny Croal who is an internationally renowned Master trainer in EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting. Creator of Soul Sequencing, and a trauma specialist who has embraced a host of modalities for her clients and students for optimum health.

She is deeply passionate about the mind body connection and the simplest way to health transformation for both practitioners business and to clients personal life.  

Her highly engaging dynamic but down to earth teaching style will take you through the process of becoming a fully qualified Meta Consciousness Analytical coach in an extremely thorough yet fun way.

This ground-breaking Coaching Certification Training is the foundation to becoming a META-Cologist Professional. You will learn META-Consciousness Analysis and META-Soul-ution Mapping for ease of clients homeostasis (to guide your clients to comprehend the real cause of their symptoms and how they can heal themselves and their lives).

12 weeks, 125 hours of integrative META-Consciousness Analysis and transformational experience of your own health and well being. 

You will learn and practice the following elements, freeing you from the fear of disease and enabling you to empower your clients in their individual journey’s towards health and soul alignment.

  • Connect with your clients with full rapport, trust, curiosity and compassion
  • Understand the difference between terrain and germ theory
  • Discover the importance of embryology to assist you in the innate ability of the bodies communication language
  • You will experience your true body language and how to be the authentic self that you were born to be
  • You will truly be led by the innate wisdom of the body
  • Understand the META Consciousness pillars and the Organ-Stress-Emotion-Belief Connection
  • Use the 9 major Points and Phases of Healing with your clients
  • Establishing stress triggers, emotions and beliefs affecting your client’s health issue
  • Unlock people’s healing potential through health supporting lifestyle changes
  • Develop and co create integrative Soul-utions Map for and with your clients
  • Self Analysis, understanding you, integrating and becoming the you that you were born to be
  • Releasing fear of the dis-ease process for you, your clients, family and friends. Truly become empowered regarding symptoms and your bodies processes
  • Meta Consciousness Theory
  • Experiential, awareness and hands on elicitation of traumas, conflict and soul-utions

Professional Qualification on completion of course requirements.


  • Prerequisite: Meta consciousness intro 2-Day Training (or equivalent)
  • Total 125 hours of training – 100 hours online training twice a week via zoom and 25 hours practice
  • Confidence in Meta Consciousness Analysis
  • Create a comprehensive META-Soul-ution Plan
  • Trainees need to be willing to work on their own health and personal growth to unlock their authentic self
  • Theory testing through IMCA Online Exam plus practical testing by Master Trainer
  • 10 CASE STUDIES plus 1 hypothetical and 1 self case study
  • IMCA membership is required (to access online exam and for certification)
  • Certification by IMCA
  • Recordings are kept for life in membership.

This training is for you if:

  • You are noticing more and more that your clients are looking for the root cause or you yourself know that there is something deeper going on
  • You feel frustrated with the medical system – does it feel limiting for you or your clients. Do you want to offer them a new soul-utions and choices?
  • You want to discover a precise scientific medical model that includes the whole of the body, makes sense and can help restore you and your clients to full health?
  • You want to be at the forefront of the WHOLE-istic health field
  • You want the opportunity to kick start a whole new career
  • You want to be able to empower and transform the life’s of your clients trapped by ill health chronic or acute dis-ease
  • You are looking for a system that can assist you find the root cause
  • You know deep down that the body has an innate wisdom

Meta Practitioner Syllabus

The comprehensive 12 week Syllabus takes place online twice a week webinars on dates to be decided by the students. A Minimum of 10 high quality META-Health Analysis client cases must be completed, plus 1 case study chosen by the trainer.  Two hypothesis case studies to be advised on workshop

Course content also includes –

  • Overview of Brain Relay, Deepening knowledge of 2 phases
  • Building rapport and metaphors with clients, become the body whisperer
  • Principles of Meta Consciousness
  • Personal Analysis of body, physical And mental 
  • Integration of Allopathic with Meta Consciousness 
  • CT scans 
  • Deeper understanding of themes 
  • Brain Relay Brain Stem mid brain cerebellum medulla cortex 
  • Understanding metastasis
  • Mental Health, behaviours an overview
  • Viruses, Endochrine, Heart Dis-ease, Diabetes, Cancer
  • Healing peaks

EFT and 2 Day Introduction to Meta Consciousness is a pre requisite for this course.  If you would like to complete the Meta Intro training with Penny, you can find her next 2 day workshop at :



Investment is £2595.  Payment plans are available – discuss with Penny on call.

Early Bird £2000 – Book before 1st November.

A DEPOSIT OF £150 will secure your place.  Limited seats – only 18 available. 

Please fill in this application form in the first instance and click here to book in a 20 min chat with Penny to make sure this is correct for you

If you have attended one of Penny’s, Sam Neffendorf, Robyn Harris or Mary Jane Newman’s, 4 of our 2 day introduction trainers who are experts in their own field, 2 day intro courses, this investment price will be reduced by (the amount you have paid for the intro course). 


I’m sure that you will be as shocked as I was to learn the following:

Reason 1: People buy “courses,” but don’t use them

A study of 17 Harvard and MIT online courses found that only 4% of people complete them (Ho et al., 2014).

And the transformational exercises and knowledge are simply to bespoke and life changing for only a small percentage of people to get the benefit!

Reason 2: Support

The level of personal support in 12 week is extra ordinary.  You will have 4 Meta Consciousness Intro Trainers to ask queries plus Penny’s 15 years.

Monthly professional Supervision/Mentoring regarding professional practitioner questions for self and clients including safeguarding, working with vulnerable and neuro divers.


Thursday 11th January | 2.30 – 8.00pm GMT
Friday 12th January | 2.30 – 8.00pm GMT

Thursday 18th January | 2.30 – 8.00pm GMT
Friday 19th January | 2.30 – 8.00pm GMT

Thursday 25th January | 2.30 – 8.00pm GMT
Friday 26th January | 2.30 – 8.00pm GMT

Thursday 1st February | 2.30 – 8.00pm GMT
Friday 2nd February | 2.30 – 8.00pm GMT

Thursday 8th February | 2.30 – 8.00pm GMT
Friday 9th February | 2.30 – 8.00pm GMT

Thursday 15th February | 2.30 – 8.00pm GMT
Friday 16th February | 2.30 – 8.00pm GMT

Thursday 22nd February | 2.30 – 8.00pm GMT
Friday 23rd February | 2.30 – 8.00pm GMT

Thursday 29th February | 2.30 – 8.00pm GMT
Friday 1st March | 2.30 – 8.00pm GMT

No calls w/c 4th March.

Thursday 14th March | 2.30 – 8.00pm GMT
Friday 15th March | 2.30 – 8.00pm GMT

Thursday 21st March | 2.30 – 8.00pm GMT
Friday 22nd March | 2.30 – 8.00pm GMT

Thursday 28th March | 2.30 – 8.00pm GMT
Friday 29th March | 2.30 – 8.00pm GMT

No calls w/c 1st April.

Thursday 11th April | 2.30 – 8.00pm BST
Friday 12th April | 2.30 – 8.00pm BST

Thursday 18th April | 2.30 – 8.00pm BST
Friday 19th April | 2.30 – 8.00pm BST

Check your local time here

Recordings are available and are for life in membership which is fully encrypted.

80% of these weeks must be attended in person.



Got any questions?  See our FAQ’s section here and scroll down for the section that is relevant to this programme.

META Consciousness Testimonials

From practitioners

2 weeks after having an operation to remove a large ovarian cyst, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and a pituitary gland tumour. I was readmitted to hospital for an oophorectomy and told that after 6 weeks, I would be feeling as good as new. This didn’t happen. For 3 months my body was so weak that I was bed bound for most of the time. . After 6 months, there was no improvement, I was still housebound and crawling around the house on my hands and knees. I had to close down my award winning design business which felt devastating. After 2 more operations which left me even weaker and in pain every day, I went to see the best medical consultants and had test after test but none of the specialists could offer me a cure. No one knew what to do with me apart from strongly recommending more intrusive surgeries and anti depressants when I wasn’t depressed. 

When I met Penny, a year after my diagnosis, I was being seen by 5 different departments in the hospital but when I refused to have any more operations or take anti depressants, the hospital doctors became frustrated with me. I was feeling exhausted and alone, physically and emotionally drained. I wanted to find something, or someone,

After experiencing such great results in my own healing I wanted to learn more about the mind/body connection. I wanted to pass on these incredible healing tools to others, to be a practitioner. 

I have now completed the Meta Consciousness workshop which has taught me how to find the root cause of any disease. This course has opened up so much more about the body’s amazing ability to heal. Our bodies want us to be the best we can be and the Meta health process gives us biological information about how emotional trauma can manifest as physical disease, depending on how the individual reacts and responds to each traumatic event. If we heal a specific emotional trauma, we can heal specific symptoms. We are all different and if we take responsibility for our healing, we will know what we need to be our best selves. ~ INDRA JONES

I have attended Penny Croal’s training for Meta  Practioners, EFT/Matrix Swap days and online Supervision Course and on every occasion I have found Penny to be completely authentic – open and approachable with a wealth of experience, knowledge  and professional expertise. Penny presents her trainings  in a way that engages all the participants, is informative and fun – whilst also challenging each of us to reach our highest potential. 

I have also had one to one sessions with Penny – particularly looking at a chronic difficulty in completing anything!! Penny is really flexible in her approach, drawing on what seems to be a bottomless bag of tools to help in an individual way. The success of the sessions was real – within a couple of weeks work that had been avoided for nearly a year was completed!! I would really recommend both training and working with Penny. It will be a fun and productive ride! ~ Karen Koefman

 first encountered Meta on the foundation course which Penny lead, this being my first time meeting her and the vast knowledge she has which she lovingly shares with us all. I had recently completed my level 3 EFT at the time and was inspired and open to even more ways to understand how our bodies are affecting by events I was excited and intrigued by the concepts of Meta through this workshop  things started to click into place for me as I could see how events in my life had in turn become evident through ailments/ imbalance in my wellbeing. I knew I would like to learn more but at the time it was not possible to do the full Meta Course. Fortunately this last year I was able to do the next two parts of the course and I now enjoying increasing my learning through doing my case studies.

The best thing for me about being introduced to EFT, Matrix and Meta health was knowing there was a way I could take control and release some of these locked emotions. I could use the techniques for myself without equipment, it was private and I was in control. I could find a way to be free of the baggage and pain I had been carrying with me, weighing me down and hindering my life for so long. I knew it would be step by step and a slow gentle process but knowing there was a option available to me was invaluable.

I feel I have learnt so much more about myself, what me beliefs are where they have come from, why they have been made and how I can choose to change them to be more beneficial to me. I am so much more aware of self talk and how that can be so so so destructive.

With my Meta knowledge I am now much more caring to myself and accept that I do need to allow healing. I see the pain as a positive not a negative, realising I am actually healing. Rather than resisting my body I now feel I work with it and even thanking it for the helpful hints and signs its gives me to saying “ time to take care sweetie “. ~ M George

Meta workshop THE INCREDIBLE Different perception about diseases. Empowerment for mind body and soul. ~ R Plcova

I would highly recommend Penny’s meta-training. Not only is she an excellent instructor, but she brings so much more to training, such as empathy, non-judgment and ethical consideration (which is highly important and sometimes in my opinion, under-represented). Perhaps one of the most valuable tools has been her constant, open-hearted support – this is a trainer and mentor who really cares about her students and trained practitioners and is continually on hand to offer support. ~ Sunita Pattani

I would highly recommend working with Penny. She is warm, wise and intuitive. She offers not only her considerable skill-set and expertise, but also, her passionate support.

I trained with Penny in Meta. It was an enjoyable, challenging and interesting journey. Penny has such rich and extensive experiences to share, which bring the whole thing to life, coupled with her fabulous openness and humour which bring laughter and fun into the mix. 

Penny is honest and authentic. Her ability to guide people through the most serious illnesses and to be at peace with the subject of death makes her exceptional. ~ Amanda Maeny

From Clients

For many years I would get very inflamed eczema on the backs of my hands and knuckles but with your pinpoint precision with gentle questioning we have been able to clear the eczema and now I only get the tiniest of patches. These are easily cleared with a bit of EFT because I recognise the triggers now. Thank you for the insightful compassion and wisdom in this session ~ Jayne Forknall

“Thank you so much for all your help. Your clarity and insights have been invaluable, along with your total professionalism which has made the whole process so much easier than I ever thought possible. Your ability to quickly get right to the heart of the matter has helped me to fully recover after a long, protracted illness that I thought would never go away. ” ~ J Pearson

I was having some health challenges when i was first told about  Penny! It has been a pleasure to work with Penny. She is professional, lovely to work with, lots of fun, down to earth and not once did i feel judged. The things she did in the session have been magical. All my life, I felt as if i supressed  my emotions prior to this. Now, i am so much more vocal about my emotions and matters concerning the heart and body I am so very grateful for Penny, she has helped me realise and be grateful for who l have always been and now become. Thank you very much Penny. ~ A Thanki

I have known Penny professionally for around a decade and over time she has been a force for good in my life. I am a member of her META practitioners Facebook group where I see her work tirelessly and give most generously of her time to enthuse and educate her students to learn and grow. I also attended one of her online META intro trainings in 2017 and consequently was able to then support one of my clients to release decades of severe hay fever from the information Penny shared. I have studied and worked alongside several high profile trainers and can say hand on heart Penny goes the extra mile… after having surgery she contacted me twice for an update on my progress. I was not hiring Penny’s services at this time so it really meant a lot to know Penny was genuinely interested in how I was getting on. Penny is passionate and dedicated, I absolutely recommend her without hesitation. ~ J Trewartha

I met Penny when I was searching for Matrix Reimprinting and EFT practitioners who were also doing training as I had already had some success with Matrix Reimprinting, but knew I needed to go further to help me resolve chronic health issues with my digestion. We soon hit it off and I knew I had to work with her. I initially did Playing in the Matrix with Serious Illness and couldn’t wait to then start the Meta  training. I can only say it’s been a revelation for me to work with someone who at the same time as having strong opinions and doesn’t mince her words has a massive and compassionate heart. With her diligence, perceptiveness and support, I have learned how to get to the root cause of disease and how our perception of our past can manifest in dis-ease in the body and mind. Penny is a breath of fresh air in the caring/healing community who helps you to see things about yourself you never noticed before and someone you must connect with if you want a compassionate, practical and no-nonsense approach. ~ Karen Robinson, Self Care & Wellbeing Warrior

I originally attended Penny’s workshop on working with serious disease. Prior to this, I was working as an EFT/Matrix reimprinting practitioner, but had not found my niche and was suffering from lack of confidence, especially working with Serious Disease. I attended Penny’s workshop and was bowled over at how much Penny gave, not just understanding how working with serious disease was not daunting, but extra information.

I loved Pennys style of training and the amount she shared above and beyond the subject. I then went on to learn Meta  Analysis, I was blown away. It has radically changed my whole working practice, no hit and miss, no worry about whether I can find the UDINS and beliefs. This is an amazing tool that has meant that I now feel completely confident and I use for most of my practitioner work. It has definitely enriched my working life, personal life and that of my client’s lives.

I recommend Penny to many on differing techniques because I know that Penny not only gives impeccable training; she also has further workshops, online zoom support and refreshers, facebook groups on each of her training subjects and is totally approachable. 

I feel Penny not only trains in a way that is understandable, she is also capable of recognising our innate abilities and guides us to our area of expertise.

I feel blessed that Penny is my Trainer, guide and support. I feel that I have advanced not only professionally, but personally. ~ LAURA WALKER

Remember, if you have already been on workshop with other EFT trainers, Penny will offer a reduced price for you, so please contact her. If you have previously attended this workshop with Penny a resit fee of £75 will be applicable or bring a full paying friend and attend for free!



EFTi EFT Master Trainer Accredited


January 11, 2024 @ 3:00 pm GMT
April 26, 2024 @ 8:00 pm GMT
£2000 – £2595
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Penny Croal