Introduction to MetaConsciousness™ – Online Live Training via Zoom – Jan 2024

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Unlock the path to transformation and self-discovery in a captivating 2-day online live training with Penny!


🗓️ Join us on Saturday, January 13th, and Sunday, January 14th, 2024.

🕒 Sessions from 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM GMT.


🌟 Don’t miss out as we have limited spaces:

💰 £297 (early bird until 18.12.23),

💰 £345 or

💰 £75 (If you’ve previously purchased Meta Intro and have a coupon code)

🌷 Plus, we offer convenient payment plans with 3 monthly instalments of £115.


This training is your gateway to becoming a Meta Consciousness Analysis Coach, but it’s also a stand-alone weekend of profound personal growth. Discover the secrets of your innate wisdom and explore the emotional connection with each tissue in your body.


🤔 Is this training for you? 

Answer these questions:

Do you have powerful transformation tools and want quicker insights into the root of physical symptoms?

– Are you intuitive and see the link between the body and emotions but desire a deeper understanding of our biological system to explain it to others?

– Would you like to apply this knowledge to enhance your own well-being and use your body as a guide?

– Curious about the “why” behind health issues, organs involved, and their timing?

– Do you have a personal or professional interest in health issues? Would you like to cut down the hours of trying to find the root of the problem?! Do you feel frustrated with the medical system – does it feel limiting for you or your clients?

– Struggling with recurring health issues for yourself or your clients?

– Seeking a precise scientific medical model that makes sense and restores full health?

If you said “yes” to at least one of these questions, this 2-day live online training is your opportunity for transformation!

You’ll learn exactly what a physical symptom relates to and how to heal from it, saving you, your loved ones and clients’ pain, time and money. Plus …. it’s fascinating!!


🌐 Participants include:

– Doctors, Naturopaths, Psychologists, Energy Psychology practitioners

– Chinese Medicine and other complementary medicine therapists

– Nurses, counsellors, consultants

– Chiropractors, osteopaths, NLP, EFT, EMDR practitioners

– Other licensed health professionals


🔗 Connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals in an encrypted forum through our membership site.


During these two days, you’ll gain insights into:

– The underlying causes of all dis-eases

– The two phases of a dis-ease process

– The connection between symptoms in affected organs, specific conflicts, and parts of the brain

– Microorganisms as biological allies

– Dis-ease as a meaningful, intelligent process

– The mind-body connection on a biological level

– The precise mind-body-organ-brain connection

– Empowering your clients on their self-healing journey

– Nurturing your self-healing journey

– Awaken your innate self healing


“95% of all illness is caused through stress.” – Dr. Bruce Lipton


Zoom calls will be recorded and transcribed and you’ll have lifetime access to these plus powerpoints and other resources.

Safe membership area that is encrypted for you to share and support for life

Gateway to the 12 week IMCA health analysis coaching programme starting in 2024


Transform your client interactions and apply this knowledge to enhance your own health and that of your loved ones.

Here’s what previous attendees had to say:

What can I say? I’d been wanting to do a training-any training-with Penny for years and even with such a build up it didn’t disappoint! How could it? Penny’s fun bubbly energy, infectious even after what (for me) was a 4am start! Her knowledge of the subject is seemingly unending and is only matched by her deep compassion for others. I had many “aha” moments and no doubt I’ll be spending a lot of time going through my notes. In short, the course was a veritable treasure trove. I’m ecstatic to have done it and, once I’ve thoroughly reviewed the material, hope to move forward to learn more. If you’re thinking of working with Penny don’t think, just do. She’s brilliant. You won’t regret it, I promise.

Taruni Tor


I came to Penny’s Meta Consciousness course to connect to my body and understand its ailments from the bio-logical perspective. I thought I knew what to expect as I have explored various methods based on the Mind-Body connection. However, the experience exceeded all my expectations. There were laughs and tears, and plenty of knowledge balanced with practical exercises. I had profound insights that would normally come after a good Matrix session. But the most crucial part is that I was able to make a compassionate connection with my body under Penny’s gentle guidance. My aching organ immediately responded when I made the connection to the exact emotional conflict that caused it. My biggest wisdom came from understanding how one major emotion had shaped my life and body and that of my family.



I have always been interested in Meta Consciousness, and jumped on the opportunity to learn with Penny after many years. Thank you so much for the opportunity! It was lovely to spend time with the group of highly sensitive, highly responsive, eager to learn, folks, under Penny’s gentle and sometimes direct guidance. It was great to connect the dots and to learn some history of this valuable knowledge body and how it continues to be validated. As a heavily body based practitioner, I had been aware and deeply connected to body’s subtle (and not so subtle) messages, and it was a wonderful confirmation as well as additional layers of learning that we are tapping into and have the wonderful opportunity to be on the forefront to bring back the population to the trust their body wisdom better. The generative phase including inflammation, for example, as common-sense as it appears now once that’s pointed out, there is indeed a big bap in the societal messaging and to be pointed that out was a powerful exercise in itself. How do we walk amongst that gap and what can appear as a fine line (when in fear) is a challenge that I personally need to figure out for myself. Penny models this beautifully and I am grateful to have a leader/mentor like her. I have also very much appreciated her accommodation to allow me to rest my eyes and body as needed, and to remind us of the importance of self-care throughout. Her exposing her own vulnerability is as charming as it is reassuring that we don’t have to be perfect. In a day and time when it’s hard to find truthful message that resonates with me being expressed bluntly, Penny’s workshop was very refreshing and provided a very safe space Very touched and encouraged. I highly recommend this workshop to those who are willing and able to see things from a different perspective, who are wanting to learn to communicate and listen toy our body better, who are interested and curious about seeing life from a meta perspective, transcending what is considered mainstream or normal and if you are ready to be challenged, and to be uncomfortable, for clarity and wisdom.

Mitsuko Ito University Tutor


I would highly recommend Penny’s introduction to Meta Consciousness. I was looking to deepen my understanding of the basic principles of the ‘Meta’ view of health explained in a simple way and my expectations were more than satisfied. Penny’s passion and enthusiasm for choosing health shone through the workshop. The power point presentation was very clear and there was ample opportunity to ask questions. The exercises and questions related to our own life experience, sharing our answers with another person and then with the group, had a profound impact on my understanding. New beliefs and realisations came into my awareness and especially how my energies had become entangled with ancestral energies and those of my immediate family. It was possible to feel vulnerable in a safe space, holding ourselves with love and compassion, knowing there was no judgement.

Jennifer Haberer EFT/MATRIX Reimprinter Cranial Therapist


Having attended this workshop with Penny previously, because I enjoyed her teaching style I was excited to re-attend and my expectations were again met. This helped me have a deeper delve into some issues that were not clear to me, the ah ha moment was great. Personally I find the brain relays fascinating, having been working and immersing myself in holistic therapeutic treatments and healings for majority of my life, now in my 60s this resonated with myself and my family members to an amazing degree I came away with the innermost knowing that we are more in control of our health than we have been led to believe! Meta makes so much sense not only how our bodies work but how illness is a process BUT how we can recover too. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is in the least bit curious about health and how to navigate your healing process. Jayne Forknall


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