Mary Jane Newman
Specialist Areas

Mary Jane is a spirited, energetic, animated and loving person, also known as Babe Grylls to some, because of her love of adventure, the outdoors and doing things a bit out of the ordinary. She’s also passionate about vitality, happiness, health and wellness, at home, at work, and everywhere we go about our daily lives, which is shaped and supported by some of the approaches she incorporates into her work, including Meta-Health (now known as META-Consciousness), EFT, with Matrix Reimprinting, Ayurveda and Nutrition. She is a dedicated practitioner of disciplines, which combined, empower those she works with, both individually and in group settings, to rebalance your health, wellbeing and lifestyle one small step at a time.

From her own journey through health challenges which began as a baby, Mary Jane has learnt from personal experience that health and wellness take balance, moderation, motivation, inspiration, dedication, support and an intrinsic personal why to help us all reach our aspirant vitality…therefore, she incorporates her teaching and coaching background of behaviour change into creating bespoke individual plans for balanced health and wellness, which includes root-cause analysis of symptoms across all areas of life, from emotions, stress triggers and beliefs to the social areas of life, our lifestyle overall (including diet and physical movement) and our life goals and passions. With a particular interest in women’s health and wellness, Mary Jane specialises in symptoms, which manifest in the reproductive area of the body, from bones and organs to muscles and organ tissue.

Mary Jane’s mantra in life, pinned to her bedroom mirror by her Mother when she was a struggling young teen, is Nothing worthwhile is easy…and so she invites you to consider, "day one or one day…?” of your new health and wellness journey and to take that first step towards what you aspire to be, by contacting her, where she will walk beside you, each new step along the way.

Mary Jane's fee for an individual session is £117 or you can purchase 5 sessions for £467 (saving £118) or 10 sessions for £797 (saving £373).