What causes pains, ailments, diseases, and cancers?

More and more Doctors are putting down the illnesses we have today to the stress of our hectic lifestyles. In 2004 Segerstrom and Miller found that almost every major illness that people acquire is linked to chronic stress. If this is the case then which specific stressful event causes a pain, an ailment, a disease?  META Consciousness™ may have the answer.

What is META Consciousness™?

Recently, Penny realised that changes were needed and more focus on each student and practitioner and in fact each individual worldwide to share the vital information and science that Dr Hamer from New German Medicine started many years ago.

Since Johanness Fisslinger and Dr Anton Bader Co Founded META-Health the model has changed dramatically. Now the need more to focus on each individual as we evolve and adapt and whilst new science is constantly being revealed about, Mind, Body, Nutrition, Epigenetics, Genes, Generational and Cultural Trauma. The time is NOW to bring integrative psychological and biological coaching and the most importantly Humanity in building the awareness of our innate ability to heal ourselves.

META CONSCIOUSNESS™ has been called the underpinning of life, and is now an Academy to share, inspire and guide each individual and in turn our beautiful planet to a healthy life.

META Consciousness™ is the next level of health and healing founded on the bio-psycho-social-connection. It is new because it focuses on the individual’s experience of their illness and the meaning it holds for them. This is not necessarily the same for all of us, otherwise we would all have cancer, all suffer from IBS or acne. It is about our own perceptions and beliefs.

META Consciousness™ is an advanced analysing system that focuses on integrative medicine, acting as a precursor to therapy and a guide to the intelligence of your body, mind and soul needs to heal, whether it is of traditional, complementary or alternative origin. META Consciousness™ is unbiased, it does not favour any set type of therapeutic intervention over another and runs alongside the medical profession in their work. Although during a consultation modalities may be used to dive deeper into your subconscious.

META Consciousness™ uses certain principles of science and energy to redefine our understanding of disease and health. Through highly advanced targeted META Questioning, META Consciousness™, helps us understand and improve our health by pinpointing the root cause of illness, giving us a precise, empirically-proven understanding whether the health issue is cancer, heart disease, diabetes, IBS, psoriasis or simply a cold. This creates awareness of the biological, psychological and social meanings of the symptoms, which is an important step towards complete healing.

In order for META Consciousness™ to work, a current medical diagnosis of your issue is all that will be needed, and the self-responsibility for your ailment and aim to wellness. This can be challenging for some, therefore some coaching may be needed prior to the analysis. This is not meant to be challenging for you, so our highly trained practitioners will guide you gently and walk beside you on this journey.

What if META Consciousness™ could uncover the meaning behind your disease? What if you could know why your health issue (mental or physical) was there so you could understand what is needed to resolve it and heal?

In order for me to assist you to find the correct analysis of your disease or illness, then I would ask you to assist me by taking time to write a personal timeline of your emotional history. This timeline will consist of highs and lows which represent your positive and negative experiences and emotions. For help creating your personal timeline, please view the following video:
Personal Timeline.

I offer free 20 min consultations just for this purpose. The free 20 minute consultation is only available virtually over the phone or Skype. I am here for you. And if we are not a good fit, then my highly trained practitioners will be there for you also.

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Disclaimer: This website and all content is NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or psychological disorder. Always consult your health care professional