In a time when the world may feel like it is in Chaos, Vedic Art may be the way to find the inner guidance on how the creator creates, how chaos turns to cosmos and how the truth about oneself is expressed through a medium of colour and form

These age old Vedic principles were shared by Marahishi creator of Transcendental Meditation and Vedic Science (the Beatles) with Curt Kallman, and now his son is continuing this beautiful practice in Sweden.

It is not an Art school, it is simply principles for you to get in touch with the source of all creation, enabling ANYONE to create a life with more freedom and a higher state of consciousness

One of the most beautiful benefits about these principles is to have fun, you can get dirty, express yourself with colour and paint, large, small, the end product is not the aim, it is the journey of exploration and peace.

Curt Kallman “At the end of the river of art history we can now feel the breeze from the ocean of wholeness.  By using the boundaries to measure the dignity of the boundless, we imitate Natures way of operating instead of imitating Natures outer expression”

When expressing, transforming and expanding our mind and heart, by expressing, transforming and expanding the 17 principles of art found in the Vedic Tradition, we find ourselves sitting at the feet of the Creator, listening to how the language of silence will be expressed in our time..

Join me on the path to inner and boundless Freedom

VENUE: Folkestone (Sandgate)   PRICE: £250



Vedic Art ® was founded by the Swedish artist Curt Källman (1938-2010). The seed of Vedic Art was sown many years ago when Curt began his inner journey to find an undemanding and free way of expressing himself on the canvas.

An important part of the method is “The Seventeen Vedic Principles of Art and Life”. Curt Källman learned the names of the Principles in 1974 by the renowned Indian meditation teacher Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (1918-2008). Curt Källman developed the content and pedagogic approach of the Vedic Art method during the 1970s-1980s.

The Vedic Art method was founded in 1988 by Curt Källman in Sweden. The word “Vedic” originates from the Indian Sanskrit word “Veda” which means knowledge or wisdom. We all can express ourselves creatively.  Awaken your personal development with vedic art, exploring self and your journey by painting. Painting is an important tool to unfold these inner resources so that they can be used in a concrete way in life and in arts. The only way to access the content of the Vedic Art course and the Seventeen Principles is to attend a Vedic Art course held by a Vedic Art teacher. The method requires no prior knowledge. Everyone is welcome!


The Seventeen Principles are the heart of the Vedic Art method. The names of the Principles originates from an unknown oral tradition in the Indian Veda philosophy. In 1974, Curt Källman learned the Principles and used them as a source of inspiration for developing the Vedic Art method.

The Principles constitutes, together with the creative exercises in the foundation course as well as the unique approach of Curt Källman, the core of the method.


The creative activities/exercises in the foundation course “opens the inner seeing” and are following the Seventeen Principles. The creative activities are freely designed by Curt Källman with inspiration from traditional and modern western art tradition from the Renaissance onwards. They are developed or adapted to focus on artistic freedom, the creative process and human life.


Artistic freedom, the creative process, integrity and the connection between the creative process, life and personal development are all parts of the essence of Vedic Art.


During the courses we receive tools to explore our creative expression. We often feel that we ourselves develop alongside our painting and that we experience a deeper sense of unity between ourselves and our art. It becomes a deeply personal meeting between creator and creation. The Principles have often been described as a map or a compass for our personal creative journey.


Artists throughout all times have longed for expressing their own individuality and convey their own inner truth in their art. The Creator wants to be able to express our innermost self. When we create effortlessly, it is easy to forget about time and space. We become more present in the here-and-now and begin to express ourselves. A journey has begun towards finding our own creative expression. It is more about opening the creative “seeing”, rather than training the hand’s abilities. Beyond all limitations, knowledge, beauty and joy awaits.


The Vedic Art method does not promote any specific painting style, but instead it helps the participants of the course to find their own personal expression. No teacher will judge or make any demands on us during a Vedic Art course. We can develop at our own pace and find our own way to relate to the creative process. We can come to a course without ever holding a brush before. And we find that we can actually express ourselves!

VENUE: Folkestone (Sandgate)    PRICE: £250