The Heart of Cardiac Arrest

The Heart of Cardiac Arrest ...

I had a heart attack whilst watering the plants in my garden. They couldn’t prise the hose from the grip of my unconscious hand… The nozzle — thoughtfully cut by a paramedic, which bizarrely I was irritated as it was brand new (roll of eyes from self) — came to A&E with me.

Coming to in the ambulance, shocked that a strange face was peering at me. I hadn’t seen that coming. I actually had no idea what had happened. I sat in my humiliation in the hospital. ‘Oh, so you’re a health specialist are you?’ a nurse mocked, in stinging tones. Shame washed over me in waves. I hadn’t seen that coming. At the time I thought I was having a panic attack and was confused as I was watering the garden. However my head was going full blast around the race track.

Contempt — just what I needed, great!Like no medical heart specialist ever had a heart attack!’ I wanted to fling back in her face. I bit my tongue instead. Already I was in the DDT Dreaded Drama Triangle (Persecutor/Rescuer/Victim) and to be honest I could not in that moment see a way out of it.

Fortunately, at that moment, a cardiologist entered the cubicle. He was compassionate, jolly and kind and fat (the latter for some reason soothed me). It was his kindness that helped me co regulate. Not his knowledge, not his white coat, not his authority, it was his kindness. Not his exact words, to be honest I was in no fit state to hear his words. (Never underestimate the importance of kindness in traumatic situations. It doesn’t matter what you say. Making contact with a fellow human in shock and speaking in warm tones to them may just save a life.)

Ischaemic heart dis-ease — viewed as the cause of heart attacks — is the leading cause of death, globally, according to the World Health Organisation. Around 20,000 people die as a result of heart attacks in the UK each year. The word ‘attack’ suggests the body has intent to do harm… Viewing cardiac arrests through the lens of Meta Consciousness brings massive shifts in understanding. Here are the big differences:

There are two types of infarction, not one.

Conventional medicine teaches us that there is only one kind of cardiac arrest – a myocardial infarction. Meta Consciousness shows us there are two. They have distinct and different symptoms and are caused by totally different conflicts.

Cholesterol does not cause heart attacks

Many studies have determined that heart attacks are not caused by cholesterol, or any other kinds of blockages reaching the heart and stopping its flow. Cholesterol plaques, rather like viruses and bacteria, get a bad rap because they show up in larger numbers when there’s a crisis. Cholesterol is not causative, but responsive.

The body uses cholesterol to repair blood vessels, thinned by the stress phase of a dis-ease programme. More of this in a later blog…

The arrest is a healing peak

Rather than being a blockage-related heart malfunction, we see that the arrest is the healing peak at the mid-point of the second phase of a dis-ease programme, triggered by one of three potential conflicts, depending on the type of heart attack.

The arrest itself is the body’s way of expelling the oedema created in the brain cortex during the first part of the restoration phase. The size of the oedema is determined by the severity of the initial trauma and the length of the stress phase before the trauma was resolved. The larger the oedema, the more force needed to release it.  The more force needed, the greater the infarction.

High blood pressure does not cause heart attacks

It may be an accompanying symptom, for one type of heart attack specifically.

Releasing conflict trauma is the best way to prevent these events

The best way to prevent heart attacks is to soothe and release perceived traumas around their three conflict themes:

Overwhelm, territory shocks and sexual conflicts.

However, we need to take care when working with these, as a heart attack may be triggered by swift conflict resolution when traumas are released.

Oh, and a little added information:

The heart isn’t a pump.

The heart acting on its own as a pump could not produce anywhere near enough force to send the blood through the 60,000 miles+ of the circulatory system. How could it possibly? The heart is more of a towel-wringing type muscle boost to aid the spiralling flow of blood in the body. It’s the peristalsis in the blood vessels that gets your blood to every cell. Let’s explore an outline of the two types of infarctions and their causes.

Myocardial heart attacks

Western medicine puts all heart attacks in this category. Myocardial (heart) muscle is made up of two types of muscle. 10% of it — the smooth muscle — is brain stem directed. The remainder — the striated muscle — is regulated by the motor cortex.

When an ‘overwhelmed’ conflict, to do with people, rather than things, registers with the psyche, under the UDIN conditions — Unexpected, Dramatic, Isolating and with No strategy to release the trauma — it can trigger the brain to set the programme in motion for the biological purpose of strengthening the heart.

In the stress phase, the myocardium ulcerates. This may cause physical weakness, irregular heartbeat, raised blood pressure and shortness of breath. The heart muscle reduces in function.

When the sense of overwhelm is over — restoration phase starts to build the heart muscle up once more. Cells multiply. All this time an oedema has formed in the brain. The need to remove this oedema, to move into the second half of the restoration phase, triggers the cardiac arrest. Half way through the restoration phase, at the healing peak, the body needs to expel the fluid from the brain.

Rapid heart beat — tachycardia — there may be difficulty breathing,
accompanying painful cramps in the heart muscle, convulsions can involve the whole body, if severe. If the right myocardium is affected, blood pressure rises as the left myocardium — the larger, stronger of the two — attempts to compensate. If it’s the left myocardium undergoing the peak, the blood pressure drops, but the pulse races as the right myocardium cannot pick up the slack.

These symptoms are distinct and different from those of the coronary cardiac arrest.

Coronary heart attacks

When a territorial or sexual conflict triggers a trauma response programme in the coronary veins or arteries, as with the myocardial programmes, the resulting oedema in the brain, which forms in the first part of the healing or restoration phase, then needs to be removed. The removal of that brain fluid is the ‘heart attack’.

With this type of cardiac arrest, there is no change to the blood pressure. Cramps and pain in the chest may radiate down the left arm. Dizziness, drop in blood sugar, fainting are likely. Pieces of cholesterol can break off and cause pulmonary lung problems, but it is not the villain here, it does not cause the heart attack, it’s a vessel repair substance.

When the arteries are affected, the pain is experienced as angina, behind the sternum. Cold sweats and nausea are accompanying symptoms too.

A note of caution

As practitioners in Meta Consciousness, knowing that the heart attack is a healing peak, we also know that care must be taken if a person is showing signs of this particular programme in stress phase, or in the first part of restoration. As we work to release emotions and trauma, we know that the body will be assisted in moving the programme through to completion. We take care to pace the work very gently and to follow the body’s wisdom for the care and attention it needs to support it through the re-balancing, reducing the severity of healing peak. The body can restore balance without requiring a cardiac arrest, if it has the support and connection it needs.

Where did my heart attack come from?

My own experience can be mapped back easily to the traumas I was dealing with at the time. I’d experienced massive territorial rejection on three critical fronts. A client’s spouse did not wish me to work with her husband. My most important workshop, my baby was being taken from me; I was being rejected by the community with whom I had founded my career up to that point; and I was dating someone who to put it bluntly was not the best match for me; I was working like a crazy being to save the world, note the Drama triangle here; I was endeavouring to rescue myself and the world; I was being persecuted; and I was in victim orientation and to be honest was persecuting myself too.

Where does that leave me?

I marvel at my magnificent capacity to heal, to experience life with all its traumas and to return me so swiftly to full health and vitality!

I continue to do the inner work, to allow and express emotion, to bring love to every cell. I do this for myself on a daily basis every bit as much as I support clients on their wellbeing journey.

Sometimes it is hard work to look at ourselves without the Drama Triangle perspective, this is why it is so important to work with another compassionate soul, that does not judge, does not tell us what or what not to do. Who can sit with us like a lighthouse in a stormy sea, guiding us to unfold these overt, and in particular the covert traumas, that we may not even see for ourselves. To guide us to thrive and to activate the innate wisdom of our body to bring us to a conscious and safe understanding of the connections and most importantly to understand the reasons why our bodies do what they do in order to assist us to survive.

This blog is an educational only blog. The information and services contained herein should not be construed as a diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for dis-ease.

Always consult with a physician in order to determine the proper, correct and accepted treatment protocol before using anything that is written on this page.

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