Janette Pearson

Thank you so much for all your help. Your clarity and insights have been invaluable, along with your total professionalism which has made the whole process so much easier than I ever thought possible. Your ability to quickly get right to the heart of the matter has helped me to fully recover after a long, […]

Mary Jane Newman

I’ve recently attended the EFT practitioner supervision with Penny, which runs over six 90-minute sessions. It’s the first time I’ve attended group supervision like this before & I found it to be a very rich, expansive & supportive experience. Penny is a great guide, mentor & coach, who gently, subtly steers the group and individual […]

Robyn Harris

Penny is a wonderful tutor. She brings the information alive with her wealth of real life examples and uses great humour which helps me to remember the information. She is very knowledgeable and experienced but also down to earth and approachable. Her passion for the subject is infectious and she has a wonderful talent for […]


After years of being actually addicted to crisps and biscuits, Penny suggested some play time to remove these as it was not helping my weight loss. Being naturally cynical and sceptical I agreed but also agreed to have fun and suspend my negative thoughts. After only 15 minutes work with Penny, I have not touched […]

Celia Harper

I really appreciate Penny’s Swap Shops. It’s great to have an ongoing regular “tap” with friends and to have a pool of tappers to call upon in between the sessions, to say nothing of the extra information we receive from the guest presenters. Penny is a one-off, warm, generous and funny, a brilliant therapist. And […]


We are all born to choose, but some of us make choices that do not serve us well. Sometimes we unconsciously repeat disruptive patterns from the past, which, inevitably, cause us both spiritual and emotional discomfort. I was one of those people until I met Penny Croal, who offered me tremendous spiritual support as well […]

Carey Mann

Penny is the therapist’s therapist. I’ve always found it hard to to find other practitioners to work with on my own issues. So, finding Penny was such a relief and I was totally blown away by how good the first session was: I was literally in a lock of pain betweens my shoulders and i […]

R Sanderson

Thank you so much for Saturday’s swap shop. It was great to meet you all properly. The opportunity to meet like that in a relaxed and safe way feels really valuable to me – and there is a different dynamic in an on-going group than a one-off workshop.

Laura Worley

Matrix Reimprinting and EFT seminar was held in Las Vegas by a wonderful trainer Penny Croal. I loved attending every minute of it. Penny was a great trainer and presented her material in an easy way to understand. As an EFT Practitioner I learned that Matrix Reimprinting is so much faster and gentler on the […]

Matilde Barbier

Each swap shop is unique. Penny’s creativity and enthusiasm contribute to very ‘tasty’ regular events. Each swap shop gathers different people, topics, ideas … just like ingredients, flavours, colours in a recipe! You are guarantied to leave the event with some news tips and resources up your sleeves, feeling inspired, fulfilled and buzzing, just like […]