I would like to thank you for helping me though a very painful back problem.

When you first mentioned you might be able to help me with my pain issues I was very skeptical and had very little confidence in what you were telling me. However I was in so much pain I was willing try anything. Pain killers were the obvious answer, but they were not enough and were hampering my recovery as the chiropractor had to be careful as the pain was blocked by the pain killers. My chiropractor is one of the best in London and was not keen on me taking very strong pain killers for various reasons, so another solution had to be found.

After an hour with you, I felt in control of my pain. With the therapy exercises you gave me, I could suppress the pain and sleep for the first time in weeks. As a result my chiropractor’s treatment became more effective as I could communicate the areas of pain causing me the most discomfort.

Before your consultation I had been receiving treatment for 2 months and was still in agony, but after our meeting I made a full recovery in 2 weeks. I feel the two main areas where you made the difference were being able to control the pain, but more importantly it allowed me to sleep. Once again thank you for your time and care, I am in no doubt that your help made a huge difference to my recovery.