Mary Jane Newman

I’ve recently attended the EFT practitioner supervision with Penny, which runs over six 90-minute sessions.
It’s the first time I’ve attended group supervision like this before & I found it to be a very rich, expansive & supportive experience.
Penny is a great guide, mentor & coach, who gently, subtly steers the group and individual questions, queries & challenges, so that you find your own answers & create your own way forward, so that you’re empowered to step into your own greatness & strengths within the scope of your practice and niche. Penny is very intuitive, knowledgeable & experienced in her role as a supervisor, as well as a successful practitioner in her own field of expertise.
I’d highly recommend joining in with one of these supervision groups. You will value & appreciate the time, support & commitment you make to yourself & your practice & wonder why you haven’t joined in with a supervision group like this before now.