Imelda Riddell

Supervision/mentoring is not only an ethical requirement for me, it is an invaluable part of my working practice both personally and professionally.

I have some extremely complex clients and you continue, each time, to take me on a whole new journey, I am forever amazed at your knowledge, experience and generosity in conveying such fascinating guidance, allowing me to gain my own wealth of knowledge and experience, as I go along. I feel considerably more confident working as a practitioner as you continue to provide clarity and strengthen my skills.

I feel privileged to work with you, you inspire me to look at the bigger picture and think in directions that would never have occurred to me, I truly believe you can see into my soul.

You have such faith in us as practitioners’ and I love your belief, ‘we are all in this together (Darling!)’.

Supervision with you is transformational, for my spirit, my soul and my wellbeing and for this, I am truly grateful.. Thank you Penny.