Simple, Said The Energy Therapist

Simple, said the energy therapist, or was that the Meerkat?

Interesting that the most simplistic of adverts on TV becomes one of the most successful adverts of all time.   This got me thinking do we like simple things as human beings or do we tend to complicate our lives.  A lot of my clients tend to think that they are “trying” to simplify their lives, however end up complicating them so much, that they get overwhelmed, their vitality goes out of the window and they then become more susceptible to emotional and physical trauma.


Do you have to have a phd in therapy to become a therapist? Psychologist study for between 3 and 6 years, Psychiatrists for 6 years, Psychotherapits for 3 years all depending of course which country you live in. They are fundamental to the research and have helped countless people.

So why is it then that energy therapists, practitioners or faciliatators are recording a much faster recovery rate in their clients?  Using EFT, NLP, THETA, ETC  Is it that we understand that energy can move and we do not necessarily place clients in boxes and label them?

Edward de Bono (born 19 May 1933, in Malta) is a physician, author, inventor, and consultant. He originated the term lateral thinking) writes in his book “SIMPLICITY” ‘Thinking is a complex process because we have never made any attempt to make it a simpler process’

Is that then what we ‘energists’(as founder Silvia Hartman, founder of AMT calls energy psychologists) do?

Having paid thousands of pounds over a period of a decade, visiting counsellors, in a vain attempt at resolving some of my anger and other issues that I had.  Meeting some of the best and the worst.  I finally was advised by the last one that he could not help me and I needed medication as I was fundamentally depressed.

This in itself led me to a depressed state, as I remember immediately phoning a friend and asking her if I was depressed!  There were lots of upsides, I began to realise I was unhappy and the some of the reasons why I was angry.  However it was largely through their perception and their view point.  Beating the drums week in week out, month after month, year after year was not the correct process for me,

KA POW I had a break down, and realised I needed to look for alternative ways of ‘getting back on track’. Reiki led me to NLP and in an hour and half Time Line Therapy I had let go a whole truck full of anger! Yey!  That was it, the most simplest thing in the world and so quick..

A few years later, (and after many workshops to find out more and more and more) I came across EFT.

Bells Palsy was not curable by the medical profession nor NLP nor TIME LINE THERAPY, with one simple session 3 days later my face went back to to it’s normality.   BANG more light bulb moments and searching around to find the trainer for me, the universe kindly guided me to Karl Dawson, Creator of MATRIX REIMPRINTING.

Wow I realised that I had a whole lot more baggage than one truck ful and slowly over the years I am allowing myself to release it, let go and rewire my neuropaths so that I am actually changing…..

I occasionally still get angry, when it is appropriate, however it is nothing like the tongue lashing anger of old, when my staff called me Cruella de Ville.

Edward de Bono also writes “When we find a solution to a problem we are so delighted we never stop to consider that there might be a better or simpler solution”

Personally I think matrix reimprinting is the most simplest therapy at the moment

Matrix Reimprinting is a combination of ‘inner child’, ‘time line therapy’, quantum phsyics, ‘family constellations’ and quantum physics.  The way that Karl has packaged it is the most simplest form of therapy that to date I have come across.

So why do we still endeavour to make things so complex and as ‘energists’ if we just follow that negative energy and release it, we do not have to be the Psychiatrists of the world.  Just have the client in our foremost minds with the ultimate best intention that they are a whole and healthy person .

Try it for yourself….Do not take my word.


  • Valerie

    Hi Penny, I kept thinking about your blog and I just kept getting this empty, missing feeling. In short what came to me is – Simplicity is an art, when we get it we are like little children full of playfulness, excitment, magnificence. When we are in simplicity there is no doing, it just happens to us as the music came through Mozart or the Painting through Michaelangelo. My point is the way you Penny as a therapist use EFT and Matrix Reimprinting is that magnificence, fun, playfulness – When you explain about your story – there is something missing between it and the tools you so simply use EFT and MR. I just feel you undersell your magnificence in your connection between your story and these tools, and the fact that the use of these simple tools, by a magnificent practitioner, together as such a massive gateway to us reaching this simplicity as an art to be so passionate about. Hope you get what I am trying to say, thanks for all your support as a practitioner that practices simplicity…….V

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