Online META-Health Foundation Workshop – Series of Webinars

The online workshop consists of 7 webinars
The features of each of our sessions include the following:

Session One

  • Here we take a look at the perceptions of health and the different categories of the current healthcare system, where META-Health fits in, and the future of healthcare.
  • Health beliefs – what they are, how they are formed, and the impact on the decisions you make towards your health and healing.
  • An introduction to the integrative model of healthcare and bio-psycho-social healthcare system.
  • Mindfulness exercises to assist you to get in touch with your body and subtle energies.

Session Two

  • Take a look at the different causes of disease and the role that stress plays.
  • Some case studies – META-Health in action!
  • The process of healing and the “two phases and nine points of disease model.”
  • A look at the difference between chronic and acute disease processes, and the role of beliefs and emotions.

Session Three

  • An introduction to the four brain layers, associated organ-tissues, conflict themes, and organ reactions.
  • Begin the process of transformational healing – an overview of the META-Health question analysis process.

Session Four

  • We take a deeper look at some of the scientific roots and empirical evidence that lead to the creation, and understanding, of the four brain layers model.
  • We will cover further examples of organ-tissues responses and emotion/belief connections.

Session Five

  • “Introductory level” view of the workings of the immune system.
  • The role that microbes, bacteria, and viruses play in the creation and healing of symptoms of disease.

Session Six

  • Demonstration

Session Seven

  • Questions and Answers

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