Conscious living and dying in the Matrix

There are many meaning of the Matrix

1) Apart from information technology, matrix (pronounced MAY-triks ) has a number of special meanings. From the Latin word for womb (in turn from mater or mother), a matrix is either the intercellular substance of a tissue, the material in which a fossil is embedded, or a mold from which a relief surface is made in printing or phonograph manufacturing.

2) In mathematics and computer science, a matrix is a set of numbers laid out in tabular form (in rows and columns). From this meaning, a less formal meaning is derived of a complex of lines intersecting at right angles.

3) In cyberculture, the Internet and other networks that flow into it are altogether sometimes called “the matrix.” In William Gibson’s science-fiction novel, Neuromancer ,” the matrix” is a vast sea of computing resources that can be visualized by the user, is accessible at many levels, and is lit up more intensely in the areas of greatest activity. The hero, Case, “jacks in” to the matrix through wiring that is (perhaps, since it’s not entirely clear) integrated with his brain and explores the matrix with a “deck” or computer console that provides a holographic view.


What if we take all of them and combine them

That we are all from one energy, reflecting each other and interconnected and can actually access different dimensions.  Sounds like science fiction doesn’t it.  However we understand that we are in a trance like state which differs from birth to an adult.  We take on perceptions of actual events rather than facts.  The beauty of being a human with a consciousness.

These perceptions lead to beliefs that would have served us at one point, however those limiting beliefs, stop us from actually embracing life to the full.

What if we were to actually live life to the fullest, I am not talking about jumping of cliffs or a hedonistic life.

What if we actually paid attention to life as it unfolds rather than reacted to it, endeavouring to meet it with humbleness, mercy and compassion.  Steven Levine said once that he was not talking about ‘waiting until your dying to wake up, but to complete your birth now, to come fully into your life now”

In the western world we have learned to fear death, our fear may come from many view points.  Fear of suffering, fear of missing out, fear of regrets, fear of the unknown.  It is my mission to explore these in the Matrix of our belief systems and inspire people to live in the now