META-Consciousness™ Verbal Analysis

META-Consciousness™ uses 10 core principles to redefine our understanding of disease and health. META-Consciousness™ Analysis can last from 10 mins to 3½ hours. An optional written report can be provided for additional £165.


META-Consciousness™ Verbal Analysis



What if META-Consciousness™ could uncover the meaning behind your disease? What if you could know why your health issue (mental or physical) was there so you could understand what is needed to resolve it and heal?  A META-Consciousness™ Verbal Analysis can last from 10 mins to 3 and ½ hours. For an additional £165 you can have a written report.

In order for me to assist you to find the correct analysis of your disease or illness, then I would ask you to assist me by taking time to write a timeline of your emotional history. Please contact me for further details. Remember I offer free 20 min consultations just for this type of purpose. The free 20 minute consultation is only available virtually over the phone or skype. I am here for you.