Online Programs

Enriching Practitioner Skills

Enriching Practitioner Skills: an extensive webinar series covering safety and legal requirements plus everything else that you did not learn on a workshop to ensure that you are enriching your practitioner skills. Everything they never taught you in certification! 12 webinars to help you feel more confident in your professional holistic health practice.

Introduction to EFT (EFTi) Level 1 Online

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), sometimes known as “tapping”, is a simple, yet effective self healing process that uses your body’s own innate ability to release stress. By tapping with your fingertips on the ends of acupuncture meridians you can reduce, or eliminate, many negative emotions including fear, anger, phobias, grief, traumatic memories, stress and anxiety as well as physical conditions that have a trapped emotional stressor.

Meta Consciousness Introduction Online

At Meta Consciousness Academy it is our highest intention to ensure that This introduction to Meta is 100% inclusive