Penny Croal, founder of Change Ahead and Meta Consciousness is delighted to host Dr Kwesi and an eye opening view of how our eyes respond in times of distress and trauma.

Dr Kwesi is the developer of META-Vision, META-Health and the eyes. He is a German trained eye doctor, global expert for eye-body-mind medicine, META-Health Master Trainer, 64Keys Professional and Psychosomatic Colour Diagnostic Trainer. He invites you to an inspiring, eye opening webinar.

Dr Kwesi’s vision is that all people should have the opportunity to holistically eye care.

MetaVision Webinar: the Eye and the I
17th, 18th & 20th September 2020 – 3 DAYS IN TOTAL LIFE TIME RECORDING TO KEEP
on ZOOM 09:00 – 14:30 BST (check your local time here)

MetaVision is the possibility of clarity, insight and transformation.

The outcome of the webinar is that you identify the hidden causes of eye disorders and discover your point of view, the way you see yourself.

Join an outer journey in the world of eye care and an inner journey in the I, the self.
Explore the meaning of macular degeneration, glaucomas, cataract, refractive errors, diabetic retinopathy, lazy eye, dry eyes, floaters and corneal ulcer. Discover hidden barriers within your self, reconnect with inner wisdom, let go resistance and just see it.

Penny will be guiding the release through tapping and visualising techniques.

We know that knowledge is power and have no wish for anyone to miss out due to monetary challenges. So although I set a price on the workshops We are also offering the option of paying less if the price is out of your range. Therefore please do meet this in the spirit of the trusted intention and pay what you can afford and not to abuse the system in order to get a cheap deal.

We are also raising money for a special project close to Dr Kwesi’s heart


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