Holistic and Allopathic: You Have a Choice

Holistic and Allopathic: You Have a Choice

When we wish to cure a problem that we have, no matter if it is a health issue, a psychological issue or unsolved problems from our past that extend in the present and we don’t know how to go about them, there’s only one way in doing this. Finding the root cause and healing our whole person altogether. This is what a holistic approach is advocating. However, the mainstream solutions for medical, psychological and other problems is to cure the effects and not the cause, by separating the part from the whole.

However, we cannot say that our muscle groups are disconnected one from another and that our organs don’t work together to keep us alive and kicking. This applies to the way we think as well. Our actions and emotions are the side-effects of our core beliefs. Although the mind-body connection is quite blatant and even science as we accept it has validated it, there are still few that work problems/ issues out by looking at the whole, not at the separated bits. Even more so, a holistic approach to psychological issues, health problems and other situations have proven to be quite more effective than drug prescription, surgery and other invasive modern therapies. Could this be why holistic healing is still underground and looked at with doubtfulness?

Whatever the reason why, treating the issue from a holistic perspective has been proven to work for so many people. In addition, a holistic approach not only heals an emotional problem, but can also assist you in evolving as a professional or individual and preparing you for the success that you want. There have been a lot of attempts to ban holistic freedom of speech but without success. Because as long as it make sense and has positive outcomes, people will use it.

The doctors you see on TV won’t say a word about this type of problem healing approach because they won’t get any commissions from pharmaceutical giants that dictate our health system today. Please do not misunderstand me, there are doctors who advocate alternative and complimentary therapies, perhaps though they are fearful of their jobs and that if they do not condone chemo, radiation, cut it out, burn it off mentality they will be themselves cut out of their community. However, there are very many sources of information regarding holistic, physical and spiritual well-being, such as magazines, websites and practitioners.

What I am advocating here is choice. How many of us are aware that we have a CHOICE? I work with many clients who when diagnosed with a serious disease, have a choice. Sometimes it is the correct choice for them to leave this planet, on those occasions then we work together so that they have the best moments of their life and leave in a dignified and pain free way. Others choose to live and sometimes it is an arduous path, however it is a choice. The magazines that your doctors won’t tell you about have a lot of inspiration between their pages that will help you better understand yourself, your situation and your wishes.

When Lynne Mctaggert’s magazine (What the doctors don’t tell you) came into focus last month, I personally thought this could be only a good thing. That old cliché, there is no such thing as bad publicity! It would be so much more helpful though if we could advise people about their health so that when actually diagnosed with cancer or something equally serious, people realize they have a choice and can understand better the whys, the how’s, and choose a path, rather than this panic and OMG situation that normally arises.

Hence why I have chosen the route of META-Health formerly META-Medicine as it explains why we get ill, in my opinion the body at this stage is not sending us messages, it is SCREAMING at us to listen to it. Why cannot we work together holistic and allopathic hand in hand, guiding, healing and more importantly inviting people to choose what is best for themselves. META-Health looks at the integrative way the body, mind and soul can work together to heal itself.

More on this subject next month…

Love, Penny

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