Online META-Health Foundation Workshop – Series of Webinars

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Online META-Health Foundation Workshop – Series of Webinars

October 25, 2016 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm BST


Health is a choice! one we are committed to ensuring that you make. Are you willing to go over and beyond treating just disease symptoms and address the root cause of your health issues? Are you concerned about your health, and would like to learn how you can tap into your body’s natural self-healing mechanisms? At Change Ahead, we will help you choose to embrace your life!
The mind and body share a succinct and important connection. With our fully packed META-Health Introduction workshop, we aim to proffer a scientific explanation to this connection.

Why is our META-Health online workshop important to you?

  • We will teach you how you can increase balance in your life, and improve your overall health and wellness,
  • Get enlightened on how 95% of all illness is caused by stress and how it actually works,
  • Learn about your own health issues, or help a relative or friend with a health issue,
  • As a health professional, therapist, coach or counsellor, we will help you deeply understand your clients’ core issues.
  • You will find if you are curious enough to go forward to become a practitioner or that you may have the information you were looking for without wasting more of your time or money.

The online workshop consists of 7 webinars:

  • Tuesday 11th October – 7pm (GMT)
  • Tuesday 25th October – 7pm (GMT)
  • Tuesday 1st November  – 7pm (GMT)
  • Tuesday 8th November – 7pm  (GMT)
  • Tuesday 15th November – 7pm (GMT)
  • Date to be confirmed – Demonstration
  • Date to be confirmed – Q & A

The features of each of our sessions include the following:

Session One

  • Here we take a look at the perceptions of health and the different categories of the current healthcare system, where META-Health fits in, and the future of healthcare.
  • Health beliefs – what they are, how they are formed, and the impact on the decisions you make towards your health and healing.
  • An introduction to the integrative model of healthcare and bio-psycho-social healthcare system.
  • Mindfulness exercises to assist you to get in touch with your body and subtle energies.

Session Two

  • Take a look at the different causes of disease and the role that stress plays.
  • Some case studies – META-Health in action!
  • The process of healing and the “two phases and nine points of disease model.”
  • A look at the difference between chronic and acute disease processes, and the role of beliefs and emotions.

Session Three

  • An introduction to the four brain layers, associated organ-tissues, conflict themes, and organ reactions.
  • Begin the process of transformational healing – an overview of the META-Health question analysis process.

Session Four

  • We take a deeper look at some of the scientific roots and empirical evidence that lead to the creation, and understanding, of the four brain layers model.
  • We will cover further examples of organ-tissues responses and emotion/belief connections.

Session Five

  • “Introductory level” view of the workings of the immune system.
  • The role that microbes, bacteria, and viruses play in the creation and healing of symptoms of disease.

Session Six

  • Demonstration

Session Seven

  • Questions and Answers

What do you stand to benefit from each of our five online META-Health sessions?

Session One

  • Learn how the healthcare system works to decrease confusion, and create an understanding of where things are headed and how to make optimum choices for you and your family’s health.
  • Evaluate your own health beliefs and begin to figure out a way to optimize your health beliefs.
  • Learn about your innate power to transform your health through changing your thoughts.
  • Learn how to communicate with your body in a deeper way that many have forgotten.

Session Two

  • Begin to gain insight on some general symptoms and what it means to be meta-healthy.
  • Learn the one simple model that will assist you to understand disease and symptoms on a profound level.

Session Three

  • You’ll discover a deeper look at the empirical evidence that will help you understand the mind-body-social connection to a really deep level. Mind blowing stuff!
  • Learn a process that can assist you to, very quickly, assess what is underpinning your physical symptoms, and begin to build strategies for deep and complete healing!

Session Four

  • You will finally understand the organ-tissues responses, as well as the emotion-belief connections.

Session Five

  • You will have a deep understanding of how the immune system actually works.
  • Learn how microbes are involved in the creation and healing of symptoms of diseases.


Now things really start to come together. In this video, we begin to go through transformational techniques to assist you in releasing and healing the conflicts that are underpinning your symptoms. All that you discovered through application of the META-Health Question Discovery Process.

  • You will get an understanding of what conscious actions for self-healing are and how to apply them to your specific experience.
  • Learn a super powerful belief change process to assist you to transform beliefs…even those you have held on to for decades!
  • Learn a super simple technique to assist you to dissolve emotion and stabilize your nervous system.

Cost & Reservations


Keep all webinars for life and watch anytime from the comfort of your own home!

If you choose to continue to become META-Health practitioner, the £245 will be deducted from the cost of the practitioner workshop.

Certificate of attendance will be emailed on completion of the webinars


October 25, 2016
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm BST
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