Gaylene Hansen

Gaylene is a registered nurse (and previous midwife), specialised in working as a neonatal nurse in Special Care Baby Unit This incredibly specialised work is the key to life of in-utero, sick, premature and well babies and their family. Traumatic experiences during pregnancy, birth and beyond. Scientific evidence has shown that many, relationship issue and health concerns and beliefs originate during first 6 years of our life, including experience in utero, birth and our connection with our mother and family. Empowering you to ownership of your health, your thoughts, emotions and stress triggers, nurturing yourself and others throughout life to feel safe and loved.

Using her decades of nursing experience Gaylene works in Nelson, NZ and online over the internet, with health concerns, life experiences and traumatic events.

Meta Consciousness, a new way of looking at symptoms to understand the true nature of disease and the wisdom of the body, is the essence of Nurturing Naturally consultations. With gentle & loving processes you can connect with your younger self and discover, learn, and create the life, of your choosing and integrating EFT/Matrix Reimprinting and other modalities

Gaylene's fee for an individual session is £70