Amanda Maney

I coach clients into joy. I help them smile more. I help them enjoy life, now. 

I work particularly with those seeking joy beyond loss. The teachings of Abraham are central to my work, helping clients grow their capacity for joy and the ease of finding it in each moment.

I am an accredited life coach and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner, trained to Advanced Level EFT. Matrix Re-imprinting and Inner State Re-patterning are two additional favourite EFT modalities.

I have co-written two books on the Enneagram personality profiling tool after several years of training others in its wisdom - it's a beautiful aid to enjoying our relationships -with self as well as with others. Trained in Clean Questions, we explore with their help to bring inner meaning easily into pictures and words.

The all-embracing wisdom of Meta Consciousness explains that life is never working against us, that our bodies are brilliant and gloriously intelligent. That every aspect, every level, every dimension of our being is involved in creating our current experience. Adopting the paradigm of wellbeing as the natural order of life, distress and dis-ease are seen as the impact of perceived loss.

Loss comes in myriad forms: loss of a loved one, loss of health, wealth, or vitality to name but a few. I work with clients to reach for more joy. Using simple, daily, 'feel good' tools and techniques we soothe the system back into alignment with life, with love, with ease and flow.

As that happens, wellbeing grows. Energy rises. Enthusiasm bubbles up from within. Meaning returns and we are once more at one with the glorious cycle of life. Ever expanding, ever enjoying more, we discover the true power within the present moment to feel better, NOW!

Joy bets joy, begets joy. Clients' progress mirrors my own in testimony to the power of simply nurturing our desire to smile!

Amanda charges £100 per session, book a six session block for £550.

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