Creating Happiness in 2011

Creating Happiness in 2011

Hello from Koh Samui!

My detox was effortless this year, after 10 days of fasting I now feel lighter and happier afterwards (not all the time through it I hasten to add, it does send me a little erratic on the 5th day normally) stirring up emotions and start to look at things – one couth fresh perspective. Perhaps getting rid of the crap enabled me to see all the lovely shiny bits underneath. It also gives my organs and hormones a chance to rest and revitalize.

In this series of blogs here on WordPress this year, I want to shine a light on ways that you can gain an insight into making that light inside you much stronger.

So this blog will be specifically about CREATING HAPPINESS =D

How do I know I’m happy or not happy? What can I do to increase on my levels of happiness, and really be consistent about FEELING happy? Why feel happy in the first place?

How about creating your own happiness? What if you could actively, on a daily basis, work on feeling more and more happy? Could a person have too much happiness? Patch Adams was told he had excessive happiness in the film with Robin Williams – would that be a problem for you

There are several people that have really inspired me on my happiness quest.

ROBERT HOLDEN – a wonderful man who runs the Happiness Project. Also have a look here on the wonderful Oprah website for a fun self-test quiz –

PATCH ADAMS-Best known for his work as a medical doctor and a clown, and he is also a social activist who has devoted 40 years to changing America’s health care system. He believes that laughter, joy and creativity are an integral part of the healing process.

DAN MILLMAN- why not have a quick peek at this excerpt from his Peaceful Warrior film that came out in 2006. his book is a must read!

The wise man says it’s about not starting or stopping, just doing! Maybe happiness is just like that…you have to DO! So where would you start?

PAUL McGHEE PHD-His book Humor THE LIGHTER PATH TO RESILIENCE AND HEALTH here is one of my favourite excerpts that resonates with me so much:

One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, McMurphy (played by Jack Nicholson in the film) says, “When you lose your sense of humor, you lose your footing.” Another character says about McMurphy, “He knows you have to laugh at the things that hurt you, just to keep yourself in balance, just to keep the world from running you plumb crazy.” This is great wisdom from someone who lives in a psychiatric institution. Your sense of humor is one of the most potent tools you have to cope with those days when life seems determined to deal you enough stress to make you crazy. In the midst of the global economic crisis confronting us all as this book is published, most of us are finding more and more days like this showing up in our lives.

Anyone who has worked with me knows that I love a little laugh and tickle in my sessions and talk about bringing joy into your world.

What is your joy? What brings a smile to your face? A baby smiling, a field of poppies, kittens and bunny rabbits? Clowns? Sex?

Which reminds me that when is started seeing my partner he asked “do you smoke after sex? “To which I replied “I don’t know I have never looked!”

OK I stole that… but hey ….it still makes me smile…my point is it makes me smile, it might not make you smile…so what does?


The physiological study of laughter has its own name: “gelotology.” Research has shown that laughing is more than just a person’s voice and movement. Laughter requires the coordination of many muscles throughout the body. Laughter also:

  • increases blood pressure
  • increases heart rate
  • changes breathing
  • reduces levels of certain neurochemicals (catecholamines, hormones).
  • provides a boost to the immune system.

Can laughter improve health? It may be a good way for people to relax because muscle tension is reduced after laughing. There are some cases when a good deep laugh may help people with respiratory problems by clearing mucus and aiding ventilation. Perhaps laughing can also help cardiac patients by giving the heart a bit of a workout. Some hospitals even have their own “Humor Rooms,” “Comedy Carts,” and clown kids in attempts to speed a patient’s recovery and boost morale

FACT: In order to set a ball in motion it needs a gentle push just like that snowball rolling down the Hill

Have you noticed that sometimes when you are with a group of people and one person has an uncontrollable burst of giggles then you all start?

How are you going to get that ball in motion and get that happy feeling going for you in 2011?

So grab that GRATITUDE BOOK of yours and start writing down what you like and perhaps the jokes that made you laugh what will make you feel lighter and release the “LAW OF PSYCHOLOGICAL GRAVITY” a term coined several years ago by Paul McGhee who realised that our own perception can cause us stress and heaviness.

We all could do with a little more tickle factory or tapping tickle effects to produce the giggles and joy in our lives.

I would love to hear from you guys to find out what makes you smile, laugh and release the LAW OF PSYCHOLOGICAL GRAVITY for yourself or your clients.


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