There are a few steps to follow to ensure that you achieve maximum benefits from our future collaboration together. Please keep this letter in a safe place so that you can refer to it, when necessary

Step 1. Write your timeline, complete with positive and negative events throughout your life, including your birth. Medications and illnesses alongside any operations to date.
Here is a YouTube clip to assist you in writing this. Typewritten in no more than 6 A4 pages, please take your time, and I invite you to tap on your collarbone whilst writing if you feel any distress. Remember to breathe, this is not a race, it is a process –

Step 2. Please do fill out the client intake form and specifically think what you most want to achieve and how you will know you have achieved this. This is now fully encrypted on my website to comply with GDPR rules and regulations –

Step 3. Due to confidentiality please upload your forms, including any medical forms you may wish to send here, to this private encrypted site –

Step 4. Please do advise if you wish to meet either via zoom, skype, telephone or face to face. Then book in an appointment via my calendar on my website that is convenient time for yourself. Please be aware that Skype may not be HIPAA compliant. Sessions are approx. 90 mins in length depending on your energy levels
If we meet via internet, Make sure you are in a private room, with plenty of drinking water, switch off phones etc and keep pets out of the room.

Step 5. Do take your time to read cancellation policy and confirm that you have read this –

Step 6. Clinic days are Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am – 5.30pm. Any sessions after this or on alternate days will be charged £20 surplus per session

Step 7. Please read and sign disclaimer and client and practitioner code of conduct agreement form

5 Sessions are £1200
10 Sessions are £2000
Payment can be made by cheque, credit card or bank transfer via my website or through bank transfer –
Name: Change Ahead
Sort Code: 60-83-71
Account Number: 83970218

I look forward to work with you and walk beside you on your self-healing path.


I penny have agreed to

1. Conduct all my dealings with you in absolute dignity, respect, honesty, confidentially, and as an equal
2. Always conduct myself with integrity, responsibility and accountability
3. Always attend all meetings on time
4. Always be on zoom or answer the telephone at the agreed time for telephone or online coaching sessions
5. Always be prepared for your call or face to face session
6. Treat all information discussed with you or written to you, with confidentiality. I will not divulge any part thereof to any third party according to the Data Protection Act 1974/1998 amendments. And GDPR May 2018 (Excluding the Police or a legal body)
7. Be committed to walk by your side during whatever journey you so choose to walk remember this is a journey of conscious living and conscious dying
8. Always to ask in advance for written permission from you before releasing your name as referee
9. Not to defraud, misrepresent, deceive or mislead you, i am not a healer nor can i cure you, this is your responsibility
10. Recommend the services of other institutions or professionals if appropriate to your outcomes. These services are offered without liability, obligation or redress to my company or myself
11. To invite you to embrace life and take responsibility for your own actions and behaviours, thus reaching optimal life.
12. Share with you all my knowledge, skills, experience and expertise where appropriate and when I deem necessary
13. Challenge any self-illusions that hinder your progress towards your ultimate outcomes, on your life and death journey
14. Give you all the assistance, help, support, encouragement, and guidance in fulfilling the outcomes
15. Offer a 48 hour notice period for re scheduling sessions free of charge
16. Witness your journey with respect, compassion and gentleness

Please Note that if you are a harm to yourself or others i am legally obligated to inform authorities, however this will be discussed with you in the session.  My highest priority is for your safety.

Client Code of Conduct

1. Always attend all meetings on time
2. Always telephone or be available on zoom at the agreed time if applicable
3. Always be prepared for the call or meeting, making sure no pets or humans are out of the room. You have drinking water and pen and paper to hand.
4. Consider what intentions you wish to set prior to sessions
5. Be honest at all times. Never lie about what you have achieved. It does not serve you Nor lie about your emotions.
6. You agree that I can challenge you if you are deceiving yourself or on any areas I see appropriate to do so
7. Be willing and open to embracing new methods that I may suggest from time to time
8. Accept and willingly work on direct, honest feedback received
9. At all times work in partnership with me, y
10. Be prepared to work on all areas of your life with me in order for optimal healing journey. Remember that your body or mind are not linear
11. Arrange for payment to be made in advance of all calls or meetings in full when booking a programme of sessions and telephone appointments.
12. If you believe that you have received good service, please recommend my services to your friends; if I can improve my services in any way please feed that back to me by filing in feed back form
13. Send any forms back promptly and fully completed
14. Be prepared to step outside your comfort zone into an achievement zone with my support
15. Provide 48 hours notice for postponement of sessions understanding that the session will be forfeited from a programme or chargeable at the full rate of the session.

Consent Agreement

To Penny Croal acting on and behalf of ChangeAhead

  • I completely understand that you are not a medical doctor, and that this program does not replace the advice of a physician nor can you heal me nor do you profess to offer any cures.
  • I understand that your advice is not meant to conflict with the recommendations of doctors or practitioners who are licensed.
  • I understand that I have the right to choose alternative methods of health treatment for myself, and that if I do so I accept full responsibility for my actions.
  • I understand that you or the processes that you guide me through, do not diagnose or treat medical problems, nor does PSYCH-K™, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, NLP, TLT or any other tool that you show me replace the need for medical attention or substitute for professional mental health care.
  • Meta Consciousness is the stress related analytical holistic tool that works alongside a medical diagnoses.
  • I fully understand that you recommend that I visit a licensed physician or mental health counsellor/psychiatrist if I have a serious physical or mental health problem and that I should consult with this physician or nutritionist before I make any changes in my diet. I understand that you do not advocate the discontinuance of any prescribed medication.
  • I have read this informed consent and understand it. I am here today on my own behalf and not as an agent for any other company. I am not on a mission of entrapment or investigation.